Mouser broadens its LED lineup

28 March 2024 Opto-Electronics

Mouser has broadened its LED lineup with diverse solutions designed to support lighting, medical, and smart home applications.

The implementation of LED lighting has become widespread with the technology used in various areas, such as commercial and residential lighting, video displays, and industrial human-machine interfaces (HMI). Residential buildings, workplaces, and roads have experienced a remarkable change thanks to the implementation of LED lighting.

LED bulbs save money in terms of reduced running costs in comparison to outdated filament bulbs, and they have significantly longer lifespans. Furthermore, LED lighting is not limited to traditional applications, and is driving progress across many industries. LED matrices and dynamic animated solutions are being employed across industrial and smart home goods to provide visual feedback. In fitness and healthcare, LEDs are playing a crucial role in optical vital sign monitoring in smartwatches and other wearables. As a result, LEDs are now widespread in their use and, for many projects, are an essential electronic component.

The new product highlights from Mouser in the LED range are:

• Luxeon 2835 commercial mid-power LEDs, that are designed for commercial indoor lighting solutions.

• APBA2006 RA Bi-colour SMD LEDs from Kingbright, that are ideal for a wide range of applications such as backlights, status indicators, smart appliances, and wearables.

• Low-power MULTILED SFH 7018x from ams OSRAM, which are engineered to support the ever-expanding digital diagnostics and smart health wearable devices.

• The LP5813 matrix RGB LED driver from Texas Instruments, which is a synchronous boost RGB driver with autonomous animation engine control.

To browse Mouser’s latest articles and videos on lighting, visit https://resources.mouser.com/lighting

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