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14 May 2014 Passive Components

The latest polymer capacitor technologies from Panasonic benefiting from high reliability and high safety, low ESR, extended life span and wide capacitance ranges can now be ordered from TRX Electronics, through its distribution partnership with TTI.

The OS-CON aluminium solid capacitor incorporates highly conductive polymer electrolyte material and offers an extended life span combined with low ESR and excellent noise-reduction across a wide temperature range. Its solid conductive polymer electrolyte construction means the device exhibits little change in ESR even at low temperatures.

With excellent impedance frequency characteristics and the ability to tolerate large ripple current, OS-CON is a good choice for use as a decoupling capacitor or smoothing capacitor. Technical details of the component include a voltage range of 2 V up to 100 V d.c., a capacitance range of 3,3 μF to 2700 μF, a low ESR down to 5 mΩ, a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and an endurance of up to 5000 hours at 105°C and 2000 hours at 125°C.

POSCAP is a compact, low-profile solid electrolytic chip capacitor with a sintered tantalum anode and highly conductive polymer cathode. Highly reliable and with an extended product life, it offers low ESR and enhanced high-frequency performance in addition to high capacitance, high heat resistance and high ripple current capability.

The POSCAP parts feature reduced noise, inrush current guaranteed for 20 A, a voltage range of 2 V to 35 V d.c., a capacitance range of 2,7 μF up to 1500 μF, ESR down to 5 mΩ, a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and endurance of up to 2000 hours at 105°C and 1000 hours at 125°C.

The ZA and ZC series conductive polymer hybrid capacitors combine the advantages of aluminium electrolytic capacitors with conductive polymer capacitors. Panasonic’s newly developed hybrid technology brings together long lifetime, ESR down to 20 mΩ and ripple current up to 2500 mArms – characteristics of conductive polymer capacitors – and the low leakage current of aluminium electrolytic capacitors.

ZA series capacitors feature a voltage range of 25 V to 80 V d.c. (100 V d.c. is currently under development), a capacitance range of 10 μF up to 330 μF, a temperature range of -55°C to +105°C and endurance of up to 10 000 hours at 105°C. ZC series capacitors feature a voltage range of 25 V to 63 V d.c., a capacitance range of 10 μF to 330 μF, a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and an endurance of up to 4000 hours at 125°C.

SP series polymer aluminium capacitors offer very stable capacitance characteristics over the complete operating temperature and frequency range, especially compared to ceramic and low-ESR tantalum capacitors. Also in terms of safety, this is a good choice as it does not easily ignite or smoke at over-voltage conditions or in the case of a short circuit. If a defect occurs, the polymer will become self-insulating and shuts off the current flow.

SP series capacitors feature a voltage range of 2 V to 25 V d.c., capacitances between 2,2 μF and 560 μF, ESR down to 3 mΩ, and ripple current as high as 4 Arms.


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