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JUKI exhibits new assembly systems
11 May 2011, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

JUKI recently showcased its latest assembly systems at the SMT/hybrid/packaging exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.

Among the products on display were the FX3 high-speed chip shooter and KE3020 high-speed flexible mounter. These offer the company’s latest technology in high-volume, high-mix production. With the possibility of mixing the new electronic feeders with the existing market proven mechanical feeders and an E- model board size of up to 610 x 560 mm, the systems are suitable for the production of PC notebooks, flat screen TVs and a wide range of consumer and automotive electronics.

JUKI’s KE2070 high-speed chip shooter is designed for contract manufacturers and OEMs that value flexibility and ease of use. The machine on display was equipped with the EPV placement monitoring system allowing root cause failure analysis directly on the machine by attaching newly developed, ultra-small cameras directly to the machine placement head; imaging and storage of the pickup and placement of each component can be carried out in real-time.

Built on the same design as the KE2070 is the KE2080 high-speed modular mounter which, in addition to the six-nozzle LNC60 laser head, is also equipped with an extra high-precision vision head. With the flexibility to place from 01005 through to CSP and odd formed parts, these machines feature quick and easy changeover that results in high uptime. The KE2080 on display at the exhibition was fully equipped with JUKI’s IFS-X2 intelligent feeder systems and traceability. It was also equipped with a fluxer unit for PoP placement, as well as the options for placement force control and split recognition.

The IFS-X2 intelligent feeder systems platform uses a patented, contactless RFID smart feeder technology that is upgradeable and maintenance-free. The feeder intelligence is accessible on and off of the placement machine, on offline trolleys, as well as feeder storage carts. Intelligent feeders provide additional functionality to simplify offline feeder setup, verify component placement and record traceability data. Using RFID technology, the system provides graphically aided offline setup, real-time monitoring, data collection during production and critical traceability data.

JUKI hosted demonstrations of live LED placement using the JX100LED high-speed compact mounter. The entry level placement machine with a rated IPC9850 speed of 15 300 cph featuring versatility, reliable quality and ease of operation, is well suited for low-cost LED placement. The standard JX100LED supports board sizes from 50 x 50 mm up to 800 x 360 mm and can optionally be extended up to a board length of 1200 mm.

On display for the very first time in Europe was the new KE1080 high-speed flexible mounter equipped with a TR-6 matrix tray changer (in-line type). The KE1080 and KE1070 are built using the same topology as the popular KE2080 and KE2070 Flexlinepremium machines that have already enjoyed success in the marketplace. The two machines replace the popular KE-2060light and KE2050light machines and represent the new Flexlinelight product line. The KE1080, with an IPC9850 rated speed of 14 100 CPH for chips features a four-nozzle LNC60 laser head plus an extra high-precision vision head. The component range for the KE1080 is 01005 to 74 x 74 mm or 50 x 150 mm.

IS, JUKI’s intelligent shop floor solution, is modular server client line management software that includes functions such as multiple users, multiple lines, integrated intelligent feeder and traceability. The software aids production preparation, scheduling, quality and monitoring by bringing several related functions together into one comprehensive software package. Various tools allow workers at different levels to perform the tasks they need within a single software package.

Supplied By: Allan McKinnon & Associates
Tel: +27 11 704 3020
Fax: 086 555 0111
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