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New technical CAD solution launched in SA
16 Feb 2000, Design Automation

Visio recently announced the availability of Visio 2000 Technical Edition, the second Visio 2000 product edition, in South Africa. It is the latest version of Visio's leading technical diagramming and drawing software for engineers and others who work with CAD drawings.

Technical Edition delivers significant improvements in performance, support for large drawings, and ease of use. It is also claimed to offer more precision drawing tools, superior CAD file interoperability, and includes a wide range of new and improved drawing solutions for key technical markets such as process engineering, facilities management and architecture/engineering/construction.

Technical Edition's intuitive approach to assembling drawings with Visio's SmartShapes technology has proven that engineers, documentation specialists and other technical professionals can produce professional technical drawings quickly and efficiently without using complicated and expensive CAD software, claims the company.

"Visio 2000 Technical Edition provides engineers with the ability to quickly and efficiently create their own precise drawings, without having to master a complex CAD program," explains Amanda Abel, Business Development Manager for Visio in South Africa. "Technical Edition offers engineers a better way to draw because it allows engineers to capture their design intent, eliminating the inefficiencies of working through multiple iterations with a drafting department in order to produce a finished drawing."

Faster diagramming capabilities

The key to providing technical users with a better way to draw is Technical Edition's Smart-Shapes technology - shapes designed to behave like the walls, pipes, valves, pumps, and other real-world objects they represent. Rather than drafting with lines, arcs and circles, users simply drag and drop the industry-standard shapes they need onto a page and then connect them using Smart- Connectors that automatically route around objects and remain connected as shapes are repositioned. They can even store data in shapes, link them to databases or spreadsheets, and automatically generate detailed reports from the stored data.

Visio 2000 Technical Edition supports larger technical drawings that contain thousands of shapes and provides new tools to aid navigation around large drawings, such as tabbed pages and a new pan and zoom window that provides a 'bird's eye view' of the entire drawing.

In an announcement late last year, Microsoft agreed to acquire Visio, furthering Microsoft's mission of increasing productivity for businesses large and small - and their knowledge workers - worldwide. Seattle-based Visio will become the Visio Division operating within Microsoft's Business Productivity Group. The merger is valued at approximately $1,3 billion.

For further information see or contact Amanda Abel, Visio, e-mail:

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