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10 kA surge protector
18 May 2016, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Surgetek has introduced the Copa Data Multi Wire, designed for surge currents of up to 10 kA. The new surge protector is an update of the Copa Data 8-wire, which served the industry for 20 years and is ...
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PoE surge arrestor
21 August 2013, Circuit & System Protection

Copa’s COP907 surge arrestor provides surge protection for indoor 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet networks. The unit is fully compatible with industry-standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices, providing ...
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Terminal block integrates surge protection
26 June 2013, Interconnection

DEHNconnect SD2 series surge arresters from DEHN are designed as space-saving terminal blocks with a width of only 6 mm. These terminal blocks with integrated surge protection have a modular disconnection ...
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PV surge arresters
12 June 2013, Circuit & System Protection

DEHN’s modular DEHNguard M YPV SCI...(FM) surge arresters are specifically designed for protecting equipment in photovoltaic (PV) systems. The innovative, patented three-step DC switching device makes ...
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Type 2 gas discharge tube surge arrestors
1 May 2013, Circuit & System Protection

DEHN’s DEHNgate is a family of lightning current surge arrestors with a cable adaptor design for protecting coaxial systems such as CCTV, mobile radio stations, cell sites and antenna systems from potential ...
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Surge arrestors for DC PV applications
23 January 2013, Circuit & System Protection

The rapidly growing PV (photovoltaic) industry, now generating at DC voltages of 600 and 1000 V, has placed exceptional demands on the present and previously available surge protection devices intended ...
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ADSL line protectors
3 October 2012, Circuit & System Protection

The DPL10F range of ADSL line protectors from Copa is ideally suited for protecting 10-pair telephone lines against induced surges. Suitable for installation in Krone LSA-Plus disconnect type blocks, ...
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Intelligent surge arrestor
27 June 2012, Circuit & System Protection

DEHN’s Blitzductor XTU modules are combined lightning current and surge arrestors for protecting information and automation systems. The nominal voltage is not specified, allowing the arrestor to be used ...
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Modular surge arresters
25 January 2012, Circuit & System Protection

The modular surge arresters of the DEHNguard M ... CI family with their functional Red/Line design combine short-circuit protection and surge protection in a single protection module. The protective circuit ...
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Surge protection for PV systems
28 September 2011, Circuit & System Protection

Due to the large space requirements of the photovoltaic (PV) generator, PV systems are especially threatened by lightning discharges during thunderstorms. Causes for surges in PV systems are inductive ...
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Universal surge arresters
16 March 2011, Circuit & System Protection

DEHN’s Blitzductor XTU, with actiVsense technology, is a universal surge arrester that automatically adapts itself to the nominal voltage of an installation. The combined lightning current and surge arrester ...
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Surge-protected patch cable
29 September 2010, Circuit & System Protection

DEHNpatch is an Ethernet patch cable supplied with surge protection in Cat. 6 performance for universal use according to EN 50173 up to 48 V d.c.    The DEHN product is installed and retrofitted into existing ...
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