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Glow wire connectors
4 June 2014, Interconnection

TE Connectivity offers connectors in a broad range of styles and configurations that carry approval to glow wire testing standards. They therefore address various safety and environmental requirements ...
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Polymer capacitors
14 May 2014, Passive Components

The latest polymer capacitor technologies from Panasonic benefiting from high reliability and high safety, low ESR, extended life span and wide capacitance ranges can now be ordered from TRX Electronics, ...
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Board-mount pressure sensors
14 May 2014, Test & Measurement

Honeywell’s TruStability board-mount pressure sensors offer leading long-term stability, reliability, flexibility and total error band in miniature packages with DIP, SIP and SMT mounting options. HSC ...
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TRX Electronics company profile
14 September 2011, News

TRX Electronics’ stated vision is to grow the company year by year and to gain market share
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PCB terminal blocks
14 September 2011, Interconnection

FCI’s PCB signal and power terminal blocks are available in both pluggable and fixed configurations. They utilise proven high-performance ‘rising cage’ clamp technology to ensure a flawless connection. ...
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How to improve insertion loss performance of surface mount Pi-filters
14 August 2002, Circuit & System Protection

One of the reasons a surface mount EMI filter does not give as good an insertion loss as panel mount types at high frequencies (100 MHz to 1 GHz), is that the interference (EMI) on the track leading to ...
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Cylindrical connectors for reliable signals in severe environments
14 August 2002, Interconnection

Amphenol Industrial Operations has launched significant new entry into the commercial connector market with its new Amphe-Lite line of connectors. Available through TTI, the Texas-based distributor of ...
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Filtered D-sub connectors help save costs
14 August 2002, Interconnection

Spectrum Control's Series 100 Chip-Cap filtered connector product line is designed as a low-cost filtering method for the elimination of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Available through passives, ...
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Crimp connector makes reliable cable-to-cable termination
14 August 2002, Interconnection

The latest in Harwin's Datamate range of connectors ensures military standard reliability for cable-to-cable termination. The 2 mm pitch male crimp connector complements the existing female variant and ...
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Miniature 10 A cable-to-cable connectors feature IP55/IP67 options
14 August 2002, Switches, Relays & Keypads

Harwin's miniature cable-to-cable connectors measure just 12,5 x 6,7 x 29,0 mm mated yet can carry up to 10 A per contact. They also incorporate an 'O' ring seat in the housing design; allowing IP ratings ...
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Broad interest sparks AO-CAP product line expansion
14 August 2002, Passive Components

Citing broad market interest in its AO-CAP aluminium polymer capacitor, and a growing interest in lower voltage devices, KEMET Electronics recently expanded the AO-CAP line to include larger capacitance ...
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