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Altium extends support for leading chip vendors
2 May 2012, News

AltiumLive delivers board-level component models and corresponding supply chain information, such as real-time price and availability data.
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Altium Designer 12
21 March 2012, Design Automation

Altium has released Altium Designer 12, the latest evolution of the award winning unified electronics design solution. With the new release, Altium Subscription users will further benefit from Altium’s ...
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Altium expands STMicro, Altera support
22 February 2012, Design Automation

Altium has added a new range of board-level components from STMicroelectronics’ power management catalogue to its online content delivery ecosystem, AltiumLive. The new content update includes STMicro ...
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Software development from a bird's eye view
8 February 2012, Design Automation

A modular software application can help designers focus on the essential part of their task, namely the actual application, rather than the time-consuming, repetitive implementation of drivers and services ...
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Altium updates component libraries
9 November 2011, Design Automation

Altium has updated existing products and added a host of new products from Microchip, STMicroelectronics and Silicon Laboratories to its Hobart Vault component libraries. From Microchip, the PIC24E family ...
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The recipe for successful manufacture
11 May 2011, Design Automation

Having a knowledge of electronics and components and how to apply them to solve problems is akin to having ingredients for cooking. It is all well and good knowing the theory, but at some point the chef ...
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Altium supports SmartFusion
16 March 2011, News

Altium’s SmartFusion device support makes full use of its unified design platform, which lets designers work across all design domains
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FPGA-based development board
14 October 2009, Design Automation

Altium has launched a new addition to its NanoBoard family of FPGA-based development boards. The NanoBoard 3000 is a programmable design environment, supplied complete with hardware, software, ready-to-use, ...
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What is next for electronic devices?
24 June 2009, News

This article explains why a fresh approach to design is necessary, and takes a look at how designers need to respond to a fundamental truth of the electronics industry: rapid and ongoing technological change is inevitable, and those that do not embrace it may not have a future at all
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Altium supports new Infineon MCUs
15 April 2009, Design Automation

Altium has announced a new release of its TASKING TriCore VX-toolset. Enhanced with next-generation Viper compiler technology, version 3.2 offers new features linked to Infineon’s 32-bit TriCore microcontrollers, ...
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Altium supports Xilinx Virtex-4 designs
1 April 2009, Design Automation

Altium has released a new daughter board aimed at high performance signal processing, FPGA-based applications.    The board hosts a member of Xilinx’s Virtex-4 device family, the XC4VSX35-10FFG668C. It ...
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Daughterboard eases FPGA-based design
1 April 2009, Design Automation

Altium has announced a new daughterboard for its desktop NanoBoard reconfigurable hardware development platform.    This latest plug-in daughterboard targets Altera’s low-cost Cyclone III EP3C40 FPGA in ...
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