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Development boards for MCU-powered embedded systems
23 June 2021, DSP, Micros & Memory

MikroElektronika has launched SiBRAIN, a standard for add-on development boards that facilitates the simple installation and exchanging of a microcontroller (MCU) on a development board equipped with ...
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Feature updates for Proteus design software
31 March 2021, Design Automation

Proteus 8.12 expands on its high-speed design feature offering by adding support for pass-through components on length-matched differential pairs. Pass-through components are those which are included ...
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Library of parts added to Proteus software
26 June 2019, Computer/Embedded Technology

The version 8.9 update to the Proteus EDA software suite sees the integration of a growing online library – currently listing over 1,5 million parts – into its part selection dialog. This follows the ...
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IoT in minutes with Proteus IoT Builder
15 November 2017, Design Automation

Proteus IoT Builder, a new drag-and-drop development tool from Labcenter Electronics, aims to make it possible to build and deploy an IoT project in minutes. Developers can pick from a library of beautifully ...
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Proteus 8.6 released, now simulating turtles
22 March 2017, Design Automation

Version 8.6 of Proteus simulation and PCB design software adds new features such as STM32F103xx microcontroller simulation and serpentine track length matching, but perhaps one of the more novel new features ...
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KZN student takes second place in international design competition
7 September 2016, News

Thershen Govender, a student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, earned himself a cheque for $500 after winning second place in an international electronics design competition run by UK-based Labcenter ...
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Arduino compatible shields
18 May 2016, Computer/Embedded Technology

The new Flip & Click board from MikroElektronika aims to bring the company’s huge range of 160+ ‘click’ accessory boards to the Arduino community. Whilst Arduino shields are rarely stacked, Flip & Click ...
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Circuit design competition open to students
23 March 2016, News

Labcenter is running a worldwide student competition, where university and high school students are challenged to come up with the most innovative Visual Designer project.
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Breakout board for tiny GPS module
14 October 2015, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT, Design Automation

MikroElektronika’s ‘Nano GPS click’ breakout board carries one of the world’s smallest GPS modules – the Nano Hornet from OriginGPS. Measuring 10 x 10 x 3,8 mm, including the built-in patch antenna, it’s ...
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Breakout board for sensor fusion hub
2 September 2015, Design Automation

The new MM7150 9-axis sensor fusion module from Microchip combines a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer on a single module. A problem frequently encountered by developers working with electronic ...
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Extension boards for embedded development
12 August 2015, Design Automation

MikroElektronika’s ‘click’ boards are small extension boards with a standardised pinout conforming to the company’s mikroBUS portfolio. Offering easy hardware expandability and rapid prototyping for embedded ...
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Development toolchain for 32-bit FTDI micros
20 May 2015, Design Automation

MikroElektronika has released a new set of compilers and development boards for the 32-bit microcontrollers from FTDI Chip’s FT90x range. The solution comprises mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers, ...
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