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Volkswagen selects Infineon microcontroller
20 February 2008, News

Volkswagen will use the microcontroller to support the increasing networking and communication requirements between individual automotive subsystems. Today's cars have as many as 50 different subsystems, ...
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16-bit realtime signal controllers
6 February 2008, DSP, Micros & Memory

Infineon Technologies has introduced a new family of 16-bit realtime signal controllers that feature fast interrupt response time and context switching specifically targeting industrial drive applications. ...
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Multichannel wireless control receiver
23 January 2008, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Infineon is offering a new wireless control receiver designed for a broad spectrum of applications such as access control, security systems, consumer remote controls, automotive and home automation. The ...
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Infineon ships its billionth RF transceiver
23 January 2008, News

Over one billion RF transceivers, miniature radio frequency chips that establish the radio link between mobile phones and base stations, have been shipped to date by Infineon Technologies, a leading supplier ...
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Silicon microphone team-up
28 November 2007, Passive Components

Infineon and Hosiden, a global microphone manufacturer, have announced cooperation on silicon microphones activities. Infineon contributes its semiconductor expertise and MEMS (micro electro-mechanical ...
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Field oriented control on cost-effective 8-bit MCUs
31 October 2007, DSP, Micros & Memory

Infineon is now offering standard 8-bit MCUs capable of supporting field oriented control (FOC). FOC is a powerful technique for operating electric motors, resulting in smooth and energy-efficient operation ...
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