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Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2015


EDI CON    14 – 16 April 2015 Beijing, China Electronic Design Innovation Conference targeting RF, microwave, EMC/EMI and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators developing products ...

  SA bicycle radar developer didn’t see Garmin coming

iKubu, a South African startup company developing computer vision and radar systems for the cycling market, has been snatched up by Garmin. The buyout happened while iKubu was finishing development of ...

  CyberOptics advances 3D sensor technology
Truth Electronic Manufacturing, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Leveraging its 30-year history of pioneering optical technology advancements including digital 3D inspection, CyberOptics has developed a technology that enables ultra high-quality 3D images at production ...

  High-speed handling for AOI machines
Techmet , Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

In modern electronics manufacturing, short cycle time with no quality loss plays a critical role in increasing productivity. Viscom has addressed this need with the development of its FastFlow high-speed ...

  Highly durable thermal material
Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Gap Pad 1000HD, a high-durability thermal material from the Bergquist Company, combines the proven thermal and mechanical performance of the company’s Gap Pad thermally conductive elastomer with a tough ...

  Computers for transportation market
Zitera Holdings, Computer/Embedded Technology

Kontron’s TRACe family of operational computers, designed specifically for the transportation market, is designed to deliver proven, rugged and feature-rich building blocks that allow design flexibility. ...

  Passive oscilloscope probes
Protea Electronics-Comms & Measurement Div, Test & Measurement

The Model 702902 and 702906 from Yokogawa are 10:1 passive oscilloscope probes that operate over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. As a result, they are ideally suited to use in accelerated ...

  Panel mount indicators
Mimic Components, Opto-Electronics

VCC has designed an LED panel mount indicator with a robust metal body that provides drip-proof protection. The watertight L60 Series indicator utilises a tinted diffused LED with a 45 degree viewing ...

  Zener-PPTC hybrids
Electrocomp, Circuit & System Protection

The PolyZen YC device series, now available from TE Connectivity, offers an integrated approach to help protect consumer electronics from damage caused by ESD (electrostatic discharge) and other electrical ...

  Hi-rel tantalum capacitors
TRX Electronics, Passive Components

The tantalum-cased T16 range of wet tantalum capacitors from Vishay is optimised for timing, filtering, energy hold-up and pulse power applications in power supplies for avionics and aerospace equipment. ...

  Electronics news digest
Electronic News Digest

South Africa Altium has appointed EDA Technologies as the sole reseller for its printed circuit board (PCB) design software, Altium Designer, in South Africa. EDA Technologies, which has been supplying ...

  Alliance supplying end-of-life Micron memory
Brabek, DSP, Micros & Memory, News

Alliance Memory has partnered with Micron Semiconductor to supply and extend availability of support for three 512 Mb synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) devices that Micron has discontinued. Alliance will be ...

  Deciding factors for conformal coating selection
Vepac Electronics, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Conformal coatings are protective lacquers used within the electronics industry to protect printed circuit boards (PCB) and eliminate failures caused by exposure to a variety of environmental conditions. ...

  Four reasons for X-ray inspection of surface mount devices
Quamba Technologies, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Vision inspection systems can find visible defects on PCBs, but these systems can only check the surface for errors, not the hidden solder joints of components like BGAs and flip chips. X-ray inspection ...

  New technology brings plasma generation challenges down to size
Electrocomp, Passive Components, Electronics Technology

Interest in cold plasma technology is growing across a wide range of industries, owing to the fact that it enables the surface properties of materials to be manipulated in a multitude of ways without ...


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