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Low-profile 2,4 GHz antenna
15 November 2017, Electronics Technology

Antenova commenced shipment of a new 2,4 GHz antenna, Zenon, the first in the company’s Reflector series. This family of antennas is engineered to operate without de-tuning on metal surfaces – or where the product housing is mainly metal – a situation where it is normally extremely difficult for an antenna to operate.

The Reflector antennas are formed of two layers, one electrically isolated from the other, so as to provide RF shielding to the second layer. This means that the antenna can be placed on any kind of material and it will radiate effectively in the direction pointing away from the base material.

Zenon, part number SR4W030, is a high performance 2,4 GHz antenna for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and ISM. The antenna has an exceptionally low profile, measuring only 23 x 16 x 1,6 mm. It is manufactured from rigid FR4 laminate and has a 1,13 mm cable and IPEX MHF connector. The cable can be specified in standard lengths of 100 mm or 150 mm.

Zenon has been designed for quick and easy integration into a customer’s design. It is simply fixed in position with a peel-back self-adhesive strip, and can either be inserted into a new design or it can be retrofitted into an existing design. No tuning or matching is required.

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