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DSP, Micros & Memory

8 bit microcontroller features in-system programming and 32K to 64K flash
25 October 2000, KH Distributors

Winbond Electronics Corporation America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corporation has introduced the W78LE58 and the W78LE516, two new 8 bit CMOS microcontrollers featuring in-system ...

Low power digital audio super chip
25 October 2000, Avnet South Africa

Motorola is offering a new level of affordable audio performance for companies in the audio marketplace thanks to the new Symphony audio digital signal processor (DSP) chip. The DSP56367 has a performance ...

'Super high' integration 16 bit microcontroller
25 October 2000, Avnet South Africa

Hitachi Europe has announced availability of its new super high integration 16 bit flagship microcontroller, the H8S/2633F. This device offers market leading 16 bit performance with high memory and peripheral ...

Embedded DSP controller and flash memory in 28-pin package
25 October 2000

Analog Devices has introduced DashDSP (Digital Control, Analog Precision with FlaSH Memory). According to the company this is the world's first embedded DSP controller with flash memory in industry standard ...

8 bit micro with 8 KB flash
25 October 2000, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Avnet South Africa, Communica

STMicroelectronics' ST72C254 is an 8 bit microcontroller with 8 KB embedded flash memory for home appliance, automotive body electronic and consumer goods applications. It can be reprogrammed up to 100 ...

Microcontroller comes with programmable flash memory that can be interfaced to the internet
15 March 2000

Philips Semiconductors' newest member of its 16 bit eXtended Architecture (XA) family of microcontrollers, the XA-G49, features 64 kbytes of Flash memory to support In-Application Programming (IAP), allowing ...

8 bit microcontroller with 32 K flash ans SMBus for smart battery portables
15 March 2000 , Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Mitsubishi Electronics America's Electronic Device Group has announced the sample availability of the M37516, an 8 bit smart battery microcontroller that has 32 kbytes of on-chip flash memory to enable ...

8 bit micro controller solution
16 Feb 2000

Epson's E0C-88409 is a low power 8 bit single chip micro-controller based on Epson's CMOS 8 bit core CPU E0C88. This device has been designed for use in information terminals needing low power operation, ...

32 bit single chip RISC microprocessor
16 Feb 2000

Epson's new chipset for mobile terminals is based on Hitachi SH3 processor, the E0C37109. The E0C37109 is an application-specific standard prod- uct (ASSP) that contains Hitachi 32 bit RISC SH7709-compatible ...

Programmable system programs blank devices in situ
1 March 2000

Waferscale's new EasyFlash PSD (programmable system device) is the first configurable memory system for an MCU to offer in-system programmability (ISP) of blank devices. This is accomplished via a 4-pin ...

32-bit RISC microcontroler for embedded use
1 March 2000

Epson is offering a 32-bit RISC single-chip microcomputer family that it claims delivers high performance and optimised architecture for embedded applications. The first family device is the E0C33A104 ...

16.bit CAN 2.0B compliment microcontroller
1 March 2000, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD), Avnet South Africa, Electrocomp

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