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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

DSP, Micros & Memory

Serial paged flash memory
24 January 2001, Avnet South Africa, Communica

The first in a family of high-speed low-voltage serial flash memories from STMicroelectronics, the M25P10 has a four-wire SPI-compatible interface with guaranteed compatibility to future higher and lower ...

Dual-bank flash for embedded applications in mobiles and PDAs
24 January 2001, KH Distributors

Silicon Storage Technology (SST) has introduced four new members to its ComboMemory product family. On the industry's smallest footprint, the concurrent, dual-bank application-specific memory devices ...

Flash microcontrollers have extensive communications capabilities
8 November 2000, Altron Arrow, Avnet South Africa, Tempe Technologies

Microchip's new family of mid-range, high-performance flash microcontrollers offer integrated A-D converters. Using Microchip's advanced 0,5 µm process technology, the PIC16F7X family combines both size ...

Chip family extended to bring advanced features and new flexibility to 80C51-based applications
8 November 2000, Altron Arrow

Philips Semiconductors has released extensions of two key families in its 80C51-based microcontroller solutions. The 87LPC769 is the industry's first 80C51 microcontroller with two onboard digital-to-analog ...

Flash micro targets 8-bit applications with 16 bit performance and peripheral set
8 November 2000, Avnet South Africa

Hitachi claims its new low power flash microcontroller offers 16 bit performance at a pricing level comparable to that of 8 bit devices. It says the H8/3664F is based on the H8/300H CPU core and features ...

Ultra high-speed microcontroller
8 November 2000, CST Electronics

Dallas Semiconductor has announced a new DS89C420 ultra high-speed microcontroller. The new DS89C420 microcontroller is claimed to set a new speed record for 8051 type microcontrollers: one instruction ...

Power emulator supports 8 bit micros
8 November 2000

The iC1000 PowerEmulator from iSYSTEM is the ultimate tool for high-performance microcontroller-based embedded applications in the 8 bit area. Supporting a wide range of 8 bit devices, the iC1000 offers ...

8 bit microcontroller
8 November 2000

RF Micro Devices' RD0300 is a new 915 MHz transceiver reference design based on the company's RF2905 monolithic FM transceiver chip. Designed to provide an easy-to-use, on/off keyed radio that directly ...

128 MB SmartMedia card developed
22 November 2000

Samsung Electronics claims it has become the world's first company to develop a 128 MB SmartMedia card, representing the next generation of flash memory-based memory cards for portable products. This ...

Secure microcontroller with 256 KB flash for smartcard market
22 November 2000, Altron Arrow, Avnet South Africa

Atmel has released a high performance secure microcontroller with what it claims is the largest reprogrammable nonvolatile memory. The T89SC256C is an 8/16 bit secure microcontroller based on 80C251 enhanced ...

64 MB multimedia card now available
22 November 2000, Avnet South Africa

Hitachi Europe has introduced what it says is the industry's largest-capacity flash MultiMediaCard (MMC) device - the HB288064MM1. This very small, lightweight, 64 MB module stores enough digital data ...

8 bit microcontroller with A/D converter
22 November 2000, Altron Arrow, Avnet South Africa

Atmel offers an 80C51-based microcontroller family that has on-chip 10 bit, 8-channel ADC and a programmable dual clock system allowing advanced mastering of speed and power consumption. This microcontroller ...

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