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More cost-effective network analyser models
5 May 2004, Test & Measurement

Agilent's new ENA-L and PNA-L vector network analysers deliver performance and features ideally suited for basic network analysis at significantly lower prices than its flagship ENA and PNA models, according ...
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Small connectorless logic analyser probes simplify validation of digital designs
5 May 2004, Test & Measurement, News, Security Services & Risk Management, Financial (Industry)

Agilent Technologies has introduced what it says is the industry's smallest connectorless logic analyser probes. With a footprint size of 7 x 22 mm, the 17-channel soft touch probes use 60% less board ...
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The advantages of DDS in function generators
8 October 2003, Test & Measurement

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) is a technique for generating waveforms of precise shape and frequency. The use of DDS in function generators has increased the performance of these instruments while reducing ...
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Calculating ROI for centralised IP-network analysis systems in large enterprise networks
27 August 2003, Computer/Embedded Technology, Products

Ref: z2615194m Showing exactly how much money that is lost by a company when its network either 'goes down' or is simply 'slow' is an elusive science. The only certainty is that it can cost a great deal ...
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1 GHz oscilloscopes have top features yet are cost-effective
2 July 2003, Test & Measurement

When more bandwidth is required for demanding applications yet one's budget does not have the 'bandwidth' for a high-end scope, Agilent's new 1 GHz 54833A/D models in its Infiniium ...
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Full function waveform generator supports USB, LAN and GPIB
26 February 2003, Test & Measurement, Integrated Solutions

Agilent Technologies' 33220A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) techniques that the company says creates a stable, accurate output signal for clean, low distortion ...
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Signal gen provides wideband vector modulation to 20 GHz
12 February 2003, Test & Measurement

Agilent's PSG microwave signal generator, the Agilent E8267C vector signal generator (up to 20 GHz), with its arbitary way form generator and I/Q modulation capability, enables the creation of complex ...
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New logic analysis modules for the complex digital world
29 January 2003, Test & Measurement

The digital designer of today is facing new challenges. Changing bus architectures, changing clocking schemes, complex packet structures, higher speeds, shrinking timing margins, small amplitudes and ...
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Vector signal generator up to 20 GHZ
29 January 2003, Test & Measurement

Agilent claims that its new E8267C PSG vector signal generator features the industry's first microwave signal generator to provide vector modulation up to 20 GHz (from 250 kHz) in a single, integrated ...
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Fundamentals of testing in local area networks
9 October 2002, Test & Measurement

Local-area networks (LANs) use digital data communication technologies to connect workstations and storage devices across multiple locations. LAN technology has progressed rapidly since its introduction ...
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High-bandwidth 4+16 channel scope debuts
9 October 2002, Test & Measurement

Agilent Technologies believes it has extended its leadership in the mixed-signal oscilloscope market with the release of a new family of mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs). The Agilent 54830 Series Infinium ...
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New 500 MHz mixed-signal oscilloscope family
17 July 2002, Test & Measurement

Agilent's new 350 MHz and 500 MHz 54640-series oscilloscopes help increase performance while continuing to solve tough problems. According to the manufacturer, this tool is ideal for R&D engineers who work ...
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