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Vector network analysers set new standards in measurement performance and connectivity
22 November 2000, Test & Measurement

Agilent Technologies claims its new family of RF vector network analysers combines the industry's fastest measurement speed, lowest noise, greatest dynamic range and most comprehensive automation and ...
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Solve common debug problems
25 October 2000, Test & Measurement

A 13-page application note from Agilent Technologies, 'Eight hints for solving common debugging problems with your logic analyser', provides valuable information for hardware engi- neers, firmware designers ...
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VXI pulse/pattern generators highly veratile
16 Feb 2000, Test & Measurement

Agilent Technologies has introduced two multipurpose pulse/pattern generators that offer highly accurate digital signals at up to 165 MHz or up to 330 MHz, respectively. The HP E8311A and HP E8312A VXI ...
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