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New 32-bit MCU and dev kit
27 August 2014, DSP, Micros & Memory

Nuvoton Technology launched the new flagship member of its NuMicro family with the NUC472 series of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCU) embedding an ARM Cortex-M4F core, up to 512 KB Flash, industrial Ethernet ...
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USB to Ethernet bridge
27 August 2014, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Exar’s XR2280x is a family of High-Speed USB 2.0 bridges with an embedded hub and seven downstream USB functions: 10/100 Ethernet controller, four UARTs, multi-master capable of I²C control, and a dedicated ...
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High-speed DDR3 SDRAM
16 July 2014, DSP, Micros & Memory

Alliance Memory introduced a new line of high-speed CMOS double data rate 3 synchronous DRAMs (DDR3 SDRAM) and low-voltage DDR3L SDRAMs with densities of 1 Gb, 2 Gb and 4 Gb in 78-ball, 9 x 10,5 x 1,2 ...
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Single-supply LDO regulator
4 June 2014, Power Electronics / Power Management

Exar’s new XR71211 is a low-dropout (LDO) regulator providing 1,5 A from voltages as low as 1,4 V and a guaranteed dropout voltage of 250 mV at maximum junction temperature. It is targeted at 1,5 V to ...
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RS-485 transceivers
4 June 2014, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Ideally suited to isolated applications where a remote device is powered through a cable, Exar’s XR33032/5/8 RS-485 transceivers are optimised to operate over a wide 2,8 V to 5,5 V supply voltage range. ...
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Low-jitter clocks
14 May 2014, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Exar announced an addition to its range of telecommunications timing products with a new family of Universal Clocks. The XR811xx series offers a wide range of output frequencies from 10 MHz to 1,5 GHz, ...
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2 April 2014, DSP, Micros & Memory

Alliance Memory introduced a new line of high-speed CMOS double data rate synchronous DRAMs (DDR SDRAM) with densities of 64 Mb (AS4C4M16D1-5TIN), 128 Mb (AS4C8M16D1-5TIN), 256 Mb (AS4C16M16D1-5TIN) and ...
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High-speed op-amps
29 January 2014, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Exar’s new XR8051 (single), XR8052 (dual) and XR8054 (quad) are low-cost voltage feedback amplifiers designed to operate from +3 V to +5 V, or ±5V supplies. The input voltage range extends 300 mV below ...
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Step-down regulator
24 July 2013, Power Electronics / Power Management

Exar has expanded its family of low-voltage step-down regulators with the addition of the XRP6670. The programmable operating frequency of the device offers power design engineers increased flexibility ...
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USB power distribution switch
6 February 2013, Power Electronics / Power Management

The XRP2524 is Exar’s new dual-channel power distribution switch optimised for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 applications and capable of 1,0 A of continuous load current. Pin compatible USB3.0 upgrade to Exar’s ...
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32-bit microcontrollers
28 November 2012, DSP, Micros & Memory

Nuvoton is launching several new 32-bit MCU products for various application markets, including the NUC123 series with USB 2.0 full-speed device, the NUC200 series with the enhanced NUC100/120, and the ...
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GPIO expanders
27 June 2012, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Exar unveiled the XRA120x I²C/SMBus and XRA140x SPI GPIO expander product families – a total of 12 device offerings. The devices can operate from 1,65 V to 3,6 V with 5 V tolerant inputs. Depending on ...
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