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VITA 42.0 XMC updates: A refreshed standard and new optical XMC modules
24 November 2021, Computer/Embedded Technology

Open standards simplify system design while offering robust ecosystems of solutions providers. Even as open standards are adopted across industries and platforms, updates are needed from time to time. ...
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Samtec previews 2022 gEEk spEEK webinar topics
24 November 2021, Events

Samtec’s gEEk spEEK team and presenters will continue providing free educational videos to design and engineering customers when the gEEk spEEk Signal Integrity Webinar Series returns in 2022. Many signal ...
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Host of updates rolled out to Samtec’s website
24 November 2021, Interconnection

Samtec added a slew of updates and new features to its website (www.samtec.com) in October, as several projects wrapped up and were pushed live to the site. These included a new design for its ‘tech specs’ ...
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Cable management the Samtec Flyover way
24 November 2021, Multimedia, Videos

Using twinax cable with ultra-low skew to route signals over a board is a key performance enabler as signal reach and integrity needs continue to become ever more important in high-speed applications. ...
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Samtec acquires fibre-optic component manufacturer
24 November 2021, News

Samtec announced the acquisition of Ultra Communications, a manufacturer of high-speed digital and RF fibre-optic components based in California, USA. Ultra Communications’ core competencies include ...
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SMT nail-head PCB pins
24 November 2021, Interconnection

Mill-Max is expanding its range of SMT pins with the introduction of three new series featuring the Sure-Hold grooved base design. Each pin has four channels machined into the SMT base providing excellent ...
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Connector search spits out mated connector set in seconds
27 October 2021, Interconnection

Samtec has a multitude of ways to stack two or more boards together, thanks to a manufacturing process that allows it to position the plastic body on the terminal pin in increments of 0,13 mm on standard ...
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Samtec expands micro power connector range
23 June 2021, Interconnection

The Samtec mPOWER connector system is a micro, high-power solution with design flexibility for power-only or power/signal applications. Due to the wide variety of stack heights available, mPOWER can be ...
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Simplify daisy-chaining with spring-loaded pins
26 May 2021, Interconnection

Mill-Max has developed a versatile line of horizontal surface-mount (HSMT) spring-loaded pins designed for making low-profile connections parallel to the board surface. These spring-loaded pins have plunger ...
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The dangers of gut-feel engineering
23 June 2021, Editor's Choice, News

The human brain is very good at understanding the world around us. An everyday example can be found when driving a car. An experienced driver will be able to judge how large their car is and how close ...
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New receptacles make key switch hot-swapping effortless
28 April 2021, Interconnection

Mill-Max receptacles have long been an excellent solution for making PCB components pluggable, removable and replaceable. Mill-Max has recently developed a new series of open bottom, low profile, solder ...
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Will AI embed itself into the Mil/Aero market in 2021?
28 April 2021, Interconnection

Embedded systems and artificial intelligence (AI) seem to be the leading trends in the Mil/Aero market. Samtec’s industry manager, Chuck Gratz, agrees with articles written in COTS Journal, Military & ...
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