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Modify a connector? It may be easier than you think
30 September 2020, Interconnection

It happens all the time. We’re online with a designer and we’re looking at a connector in our picture search. He says “I need a connector that looks just like this one, but …” and then he goes on to explain ...
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Like Star Wars, Samtec moves on a journey
31 August 2020, Interconnection

The journey never ends ... or maybe it does – maybe?!?! That thought definitely applies to Star Wars fans. Why? 21 February 2020 marked the launch date of Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated ...
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Samtec unifies QSFP and VITA specifications
31 August 2020, Interconnection

What do the QSFP-DD800 MSA and VITA 57 standards have in common? One focuses on defining the next-generation pluggable form factors while the other complements FPGA mezzanine applications. Samtec participates ...
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Horizontal SMT headers and sockets
18 July 2018, Interconnection

Mill-Max Mfg. has developed a line of horizontal SMT (HSMT) headers and sockets ideally suited for low-profile parallel board-to-board or board-to-component mating. The removable plastic cap provides ...
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Solder cup headers and sockets
16 May 2018, Interconnection

Mill-Max has produced new 1,27 mm pitch solder cup headers and sockets for termination of fine-gauge wires and cables. These solder cup connectors are ideal for applications that demand a highly reliable ...
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Low-profile interconnect sockets
18 April 2018, Interconnection

Many of today’s products, such as implantable and wearable devices for the medical industry, demand miniaturisation along with high functionality and reliability. Those requirements drive designers ...
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PCB pins for plated through-holes
19 April 2017, Interconnection

Mill-Max has added to its diverse mix of press-fit pins for plated through-holes with six new offerings designed for applications where mechanical strength and/or power delivery are essential. These new ...
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Rugged optical module
20 April 2016, Interconnection

Samtec and Amphenol Aerospace have teamed up to address the growing need for embedded optics in rugged environments. Samtec is releasing an extended temperature embedded optical module utilising the ...
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DIL spring loaded connectors
24 February 2016, Interconnection

A range of dual in-line, spring loaded contact connectors is available from Cambion, in 4 through 20 ways. With low-resistance contacts (20 m maximum) spaced at 2,50 mm, the connectors can be used for ...
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Right angle socket array
27 January 2016, Interconnection

Samtec’s new right angle SEARAY 0,80 mm pitch socket array is ideal for micro backplane applications with up to 50% board space savings compared to their 1,27 mm pitch counterparts. The open pin field ...
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Press fit socket arrays
25 November 2015, Interconnection

Samtec’s family of SEARAY open pin field arrays has expanded to include a right angle socket with press fit terminations for increased design flexibility and high retention. This socket is a high-density ...
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Discrete wire interconnects
25 November 2015, Interconnection

Samtec’s 1,00 mm pitch discrete wire system is now available in a double-row design (S1SD/S1SDT series) for increased flexibility and single-row with rugged latching (S1SS/S1SST series) ideal for ...
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