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Design considerations for differential signalling
18 February 2009, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Differential signalling (DS) is defined as a digital signal that is transmitted on a two-wire system where complementary voltage levels exist on the two wires. DS is one of the hottest topics in high-speed ...
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Altium supports Altera's new FPGAs
4 February 2009, News

Altium has extended its FPGA support to include Altera’s Stratix III and LatticeXP2 families of programmable devices. Electronics designers working on embedded designs or looking to move more of what ...
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Altium releases online training videos
26 November 2008, News

Altium has released a series of new online training videos aimed at helping engineers, regardless of experience, harness the power of programmable logic to explore concepts and develop next-generation ...
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New level of MCAD-ECAD integration
12 November 2008, Electronics Technology

Altium developed an advanced solution for integrating mechanical (MCAD) and electrical (ECAD) design environments. Developed as part of Altium Designer, the new solution enables realtime 3D PCB visualisation ...
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Unifying ECAD and MCAD design
20 August 2008, Design Automation

In today’s worldwide market, designers are frustrated with the barriers created by outdated ideas of discrete design disciplines. They simply want to design superior products that beat the competition. ...
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Altium Designer fits PCBs to enclosures
25 June 2008, Design Automation

Altium has introduced technology that allows electronic designers to fit their printed circuit boards for enclosures in realtime and in three dimensions. This can eliminate costly, trial-and-error ...
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Altium tops poll of best PCB layout tools
25 June 2008, News

EE Times has reported that Altium was recently voted the most popular provider of PCB layout tools, in a poll asking readers to vote for the company providing the best printed circuit board layout EDA ...
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NASA's Johnson Space Center selects Altium Designer
28 November 2007, News

Altium has announced that NASA's Johnson Space Centre (JSC) has chosen Altium Designer as its standard electronics design software. The centre's Engineering Directorate will use Altium Designer as its ...
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Altium Designer now supports DxDesigner files
14 November 2007, Design Automation

Altium has updated the design translation capabilities of its Altium Designer system to support the import of Mentor Graphics' DxDesigner files. The enhanced migration tools make it easier for companies ...
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OrCad Import Wizard now included in Altium Designer 6.7
19 September 2007, Design Automation

Altium’s Altium Designer provides electronic designers and engineers with a single, unified application said to incorporate all the technologies and capabilities necessary for complete electronic product ...
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Altium Designer simplifies third-party FPGA core integration
22 August 2007, Design Automation

Altium has added support for the direct import of FPGA cores generated by third-party applications to its Altium Designer unified electronic product development system. Altium claims that this new tool ...
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Help! PCB designer of the 21st century needed
8 August 2007, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Hot mustard – most of us have experienced that burning sensation up our nose, followed by aching eyes and a sudden flow of tears. Yes, life teaches us many lessons. Having learnt that lesson the hard ...
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