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This Week's Editor's Pick

10-year forecast of relationship between MCUs and SBCs
13 July 2016, Computer/Embedded Technology

The unique new IDTechEx Research report, ’Microcontrollers and Single-board Computers 2016-2026’, is the first to reveal the big picture developing from the close relationship between these devices. It ...

Adverts served with Pi
15 June 2016, News

The prototype advertising device is a member of the new breed of real-world applications built using so-called ‘maker’ platforms – Raspberry Pi 2, in this case.

Hiconnex lands stellar project
15 June 2016, Hiconnex, News

At the facility the company established in 2013, dubbed ‘The Fibre Lab’, manufacturing commenced in January this year, and is performed by three specially trained technicians assigned to the task.

Semiconductor market shrank by 2% in 2015
18 May 2016, News

Global semiconductor revenues fell by 2% in 2015, as sequential quarterly growth was weak throughout every quarter of the year, especially in the first when the market declined 8,9% over the previous ...

Will OLED lighting eventually disrupt or fade away?
18 May 2016, Opto-Electronics

OLED (organic light emitting diode) lighting technology has faced a difficult challenge since its very beginning, in the shape of inorganic LEDs. The challenge was that LED lighting got there first and ...

The state of electronic component distribution in SA
20 April 2016, News

With component distribution forming such a vital link in the supply chain, two of the biggest South African distributors share their insights on the health of the local market.

The do’s and don’ts of embedded Linux
20 April 2016, Keystone Electronic Solutions, Computer/Embedded Technology

Embedded Linux can be used to craft impressive solutions, but it cannot just be taken, installed and used. It has its own set of rules and there are certain factors that have to be considered before, and during, any installation.

Locally made PV modules power REIPPP
23 March 2016, News

After winning this Q1 2015 bid, ARTsolar implemented an expansion programme to meet production requirements of this project.

PCB design intelligence avoids last-minute mistakes
23 March 2016, EDA Technologies, Design Automation

PCB designers today are dealing with an array of new challenges, including greater electronic and mechanical design complexity, tighter constraints and rules, and the need to stay on top of a fast-changing ...

Energy trading goes peer-to-peer
24 February 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management

The search for solutions to the world’s energy shortage is sparking something of a revolution in the way large-scale energy is generated, distributed and stored.

The importance of testing in electronics manufacturing
24 February 2016, Leratadima Tellumat Manufacturing, Test & Measurement

Most customers hope for as much test point coverage as possible, and a contract manufacturer must be prepared for a wide range of requirements.

Digital TV set-top box rollout commences
27 January 2016, News

Households in the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) area of the Northern Cape received Christmas presents in the form of free set-top boxes for digital terrestrial TV.

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