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This Week's Editor's Pick

10 tips for designing touchscreen applications
14 October 2015, Centurion Micro Electronics, Computer/Embedded Technology

Touchscreens are everywhere: on mobile phones, personal tablets, information displays in shopping malls, fast food and restaurant counters, kiosks and factory and shop floor terminals. They make using ...

EU falls short of e-waste targets
23 September 2015, News

A two-year study found that only 35% (3,3 million tons) of all European e-waste discarded in 2012 ended up in the officially reported amounts of collection and recycling systems.

STB manufacturing allocation still as clear as mud
23 September 2015, News

The South African government’s lack of transparency into the digital TV migration process is once again stirring controversy, this time over the manufacture and supply of set-top boxes.

Choosing the right instrument form factor
23 September 2015, Concilium Technologies, Test & Measurement

The term ‘test system’ represents millions of different possible configurations of test instruments, software and device under test (DUT) specific test execution programs. Each test system is created ...

The expanding scope of projected capacitive touch sensing
23 September 2015, Tempe Technologies, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Since the emergence of touchscreens, user interface technology has experienced continued and rapid evolution in order to meet ever rising consumer expectations. Projected capacitive touch sensing – ...

Silicon’s successor could be black phosphorus
2 September 2015, News, Electronics Technology

Two separate studies have demonstrated the ability of black phosphorus to conduct electricity in two dimensions, marking it as a potential rival to graphene.

Renewables slash SA’s energy costs
2 September 2015, Power Electronics / Power Management

A CSIR study has found that renewable energy from wind and solar projects created R4 billion more financial benefits than they cost during the first half of 2015.

Self-powered serial EEPROM
2 September 2015, EBV Electrolink, DSP, Micros & Memory

Atmel launched a single-wire EEPROM with only two-pins – a data pin and ground pin for operation – making the new family ideal for the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, consumable, battery and cable ...

New drivers open up new possibilities for LED lighting
2 September 2015, CST Electronics, Opto-Electronics, Power Electronics / Power Management

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices that emit light when an electrical current passes through them. The benefits of using LEDs continue to evolve and mature, making them an increasingly ...

Top 10 reasons for using ultracapacitors
2 September 2015, Electrocomp, Passive Components

Historically, the use of a single energy device to satisfy the entire power specification of an application required designers to either design for power (at times providing excess energy) or design for ...

IoT’s biggest obstacle is security
12 August 2015, Gemalto M2M (Cinterion Wireless Modules) , News

According to Mark Warren, Gemalto’s M2M solutions manager for Africa, trust is critical for IoT to achieve its potential, especially in terms of its adoption by the mass market.

Set-top boxes see light of day after a year of gestation
12 August 2015, Microtronix Manufacturing, News, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Mike Goodyer, CEO of Microtronix, reveals that his year-long vision to produce a fully functioning set-top box for digital TV has finally come to fruition.

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