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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Rail-mount housings or electronic PCBs
28 March 2001

Wieland's web-empty housing range comprises installation housings suitable for a variety of uses. This series of housings can be fitted together as individual modules or can be fitted together as complete ...

New process-visualisation using two independent camera systems
28 March 2001

The Selective Miniwave Machine MWM 3250 from Seho is an automated machine for soldering residual through-hole components. It is equipped with a robot system which moves the printed circuit board across ...

Tactile sensor interprets stress distribution
28 March 2001

Sensor Products has developed a system called the Topaq pressure analysis system. Used in conjunction with Pressurex/Fuji Prescale stress indicating films, Topaq can provide a unique perspective of the ...

Hand-operated press can fit offset plug connectors
14 March 2001, Actum Electronics

Erni has available a unit for press-fitting offset plug-in connections. This press, which works according to the hydropneumatic principle, has been specially designed for the offset plug connectors that ...

The road to modular assembly
14 March 2001, Zetech

The marriage of a fine pitch placement machine and a chipshooter offers economic and productivity advantages. There is a movement underway that could shape the way assembly lines look in the future. ...

Advanced shielding and heat dissipation performance for board level shielding
14 March 2001

Instrument Specialties-APM's addition to its Cool-Shield product line, the Cool-Shield II, Series 97-2018, has a unique design that provides a combination of advanced board level EMI shielding and thermal ...

Trends in soldering technology - ready for the future
14 February 2001

SEHO's new machine concept - the Reflow Series FDS 6500 - offers a 30% greater process chamber volume

Apologies to Christopher Columbus
14 February 2001, Zetech

General trends impacting the marketplace can be summarised in terms of component miniaturisation, rising functionality and lower costs

Lead-free - update
14 February 2001

'Update 2000, an analysis of the current status of lead-free soldering - one year on', commissioned by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, and written by Dr Brian Richards and K. Nimmo, of the NPL ...

Fume exhalers
14 February 2001, Christensen Tools

It is a fact that the soldering process produces noxious fumes and gases. At the very least, this is unpleasant, but unfortunately it can become much worse, resulting in long-term health problems and ...

Cable assembly service
14 February 2001

Connect-A-Way has an automated cable assembly line that is geared up to offer clients quality products with swift turnarounds. It says that this is irrespective of small or high volumes. The machinery ...

Cordless soldering irons
14 February 2001, Christensen Tools

Weller's Pyropens allow temperature-controlled soldering without the need for an electrical supply. Weller says that all Pyropens are lightweight and portable, which makes them ideal for service jobs ...

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