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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

AOI in the SMT assembly process: which strategy?
26 Jan 2000, Zetech

Most defects that occur in the manufacture of SMT modules or assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) have their causes in one of the three critical process steps - screen printing of solder paste, component ...

New considerations in CSP rework
26 Jan 2000, Test & Rework Solutions

Chip-scale packaging (CSP) parts may be attached using gel flux or liquid flux, instead of solder paste. Success may be achieved as long as the application is correct and full testing is carried out to ...

Key steps when implementing an enterprise resource planning solution
26 Jan 2000

In this article ,Graham Hartlett outlines the steps to cosider in correctly implementing an ERP solution for a company

A pioneer in laminate technology
26 Jan 2000

Why is GPRS important? The most important aspects of GPRS are that it allows data transmission speeds to over 100 Kbps, that it is packet based and that it supports the world's leading Internet communications ...

High-speed SMD mounting machine has minimal footprint
26 Jan 2000

Fuji has developed a new concept production machine for SMD mounting. This minimum footprint machine has a modular design for easy integration. For maximum performance the idle and changeover times have ...

Enclosure and housing range for electronics expanded
26 Jan 2000, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Gainta, locally represented by Sivan Electronic Supplies has expanded its range of enclosure housings for electronics. The sealed polycarbonate and ABS enclosures are moulded in light grey and dark ...

Sloping control panel for high case combinations
26 Jan 2000, Avnet South Africa

For the largest case in the MOTEC family, OKW offers a sloping control panel. In this way, the desk case has dimensions of 235 x 165 x 110 mm and is now also available for applications with membrane keyboards ...

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