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Compact ioniser reduces benchtop ESD problems
7 November 2001, Test & Rework Solutions

To guard against the severe damage that static electricity can cause to sensitive electronic components at workstations, Metcal's ionisation and ESD control systems division, Semtronics, has introduced ...

Plastic instrument case
7 November 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Gainta offers modern designed cases in matt finish surface for desktop instrument applications. The top and base are in light grey, and front and end panels are in a dark grey colour. The material is ...

Flip chip underfill dispensing
24 October 2001, Zetech

Flip chip technology is providing PCB designers with a myriad of options for increasing processing speed while reducing substrate area. Whether assembled into BGA packages or directly onto the substrate ...

Machine allows depanalisation up to scoring line
10 October 2001

The TWS DM 500 is a motorised depanelling machine, allowing safe and easy separation of panelled boards without damaging delicate SMD components. The DM 500 is operated by a foot pedal ensuring lower ...

Tooling turned into automatic reality
26 September 2001, Zetech

"The idea was to increase the number of pins actually in contact with a given area of the assembly, compared with conventional tooling, to reduce the average individual component contact pressure"

Temperature profiler allows setting of reflow oven parameters
26 September 2001

The TWS RT-03 is a temperature profile recorder for tuning the soldering process of SMT boards. The device uses four NiCr-Ni microthermocouples (K type) as sensors to obtain accurate measurements and ...

Polymer system for solder paste delivers superior stability
26 September 2001, Zetech

Cobar's XM-5 Series no-clean solder paste utilises a new polymer system that gives the paste unparalleled thermal stability, even under the demanding conditions and high temperatures associated with lead-free ...

Modular toolkit system
26 September 2001

The Techmaster Module System is an innovative method of toolkit selection. Offered by Saftec, the basis of the system comprises the company's range of 'standard tool selections'. By analysing the typical ...

Digital rework station eliminates shop air
26 September 2001, Christensen Tools

The Weller WRS1001 digital rework station is part of the complete family of Weller WRS systems. It has a range of functions including: internal self-contained pump; digital process control with an accurate, ...

Screwdrivers and pliers range designed for safety and comfort
15 August 2001, Christensen Tools

Since 1790, CK Tools have been a major innovator in the world of hand tools. The SensoPlus VDE ranges of screwdrivers and pliers have been developed to accommodate the need for increased levels of safety ...

Versatile 3D optical viewing system
15 August 2001, Test & Rework Solutions

In great demand in the South African electronic and precision engineering field, as well as in the plastics engineering, biological laboratories and medical-dental profession, the Mantis 3D viewing system ...

Flame-retardant instrument enclosures
15 August 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

A range of moulded cases from Gainta Industries are offered that are ideally suited for instrumentation and telecommunication equipment. Moulded in high impact ABS they are flame-retardant to UL94-VO. The ...

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