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Clip-on heatsinks save time
22 November 2000, Power Electronics / Power Management

In keeping with its policy of designing timesaver heatsinks, Aavid Engineering has introduced its 5768 Series clip-on heatsink for TO220 package devices. This unique plug-in heatsink has four spring-action ...
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Miniature housings for packaging electronics
25 October 2000, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Erni says its fully-insulated terminal housings meet requirements falling between single card enclosures and 19" racks. Suitable for housing microcomputer systems, electronic controls, fault signalling ...
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LDG-A housing
25 October 2000, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Erni's LDG-A miniature housings with frame insert and receptacle for a separate multipoint connector are now available in A16, A30 and A46 versions. Depending on assembly they offer maximum component ...
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Universal enclosures for industrial applications
25 October 2000, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Especially developed for use in applications falling between single card enclosures and 19" racks, Erni's LDG-D housings are available in three sizes - six, 10 or 20 connections. These enclosures are ...
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Illuminated miniature pushbutton switches
16 Feb 2000, Switches, Relays & Keypads

For a system with high flexibility and convincing perform- ance, Erni offers its 2,0 mm HM ERmet system for safe Compact- PCI connections between edgecard and backplanes as well as the angled Pressfit ...
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Eight resistors in Tiny SMT Package
16 Feb 2000, Passive Components

Two multifuse polymer ITC resettable fuse product models for battery applications: the MF-MSMC 190 and the MF-AAA from Bourns are designed to meet the sophisticated needs of today's growing portable equipment ...
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SMT connector series meets all relevant safety specs
26 Jan 2000, News

Using fully automatic SMT population only, assembly costs can be reduced considerably. In particular this applies to connectors which, additionally, need to provide functional reliability as well as very ...
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Switching sensors
26 Jan 2000, Switches, Relays & Keypads

The REL 18 series monostable PCB mounting relays from Erni are suitable for switching and control functions in telecommunications, office equipment, data processing and medical apparatus particularly ...
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