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Wiring tester for voice, data, video
26 November 2008, Test & Measurement

The NETcat Micro NC-100 from Greenlee is a digital voice, data and video wiring tester, a new member of its VDV tool family. The NC-100 verifies the integrity of shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables, ...
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Digital voice, data and video wiring tester
16 May 2007, Test & Measurement

The NETcat Micro from Greenlee is a device that verifies the integrity of both twisted pair and coaxial telecom cables. It uses high-speed digital technology to verify wiring continuity and check for ...
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Structured wiring troubleshooter
2 May 2007, Test & Measurement

The NETcat Pro is a digital tool from Greenlee for fast, accurate checking of cables, wiring and network service. Operated using a back-lit touch screen display, the Pro not only tests wiring continuity ...
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Fibre-optic test system
24 August 2005, Test & Measurement

Tempo's Component Test System (CTS) is a turnkey solution to perform concurrent insertion loss and return loss measurements of fibre-optic cable quickly and efficiently. All CTS versions incorporate ...
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Optical loss test sets
24 August 2005, Test & Measurement

Characterising the insertion loss and return loss of fibre-optic cable is claimed to be easy with Tempo's 525N Smart Optical Loss Test Set. Testing fibre cable in the field is a time consuming and complicated ...
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Complete butt-in test set
27 July 2005, Test & Measurement

The Tele-Mate Pro Telephone Test Set from Tempo helps deal with the increasing complexity of telecom installation and maintenance. A complete butt-in test set, model PE830 adds useful features like loudspeaker ...
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Voice and data wiring systems checker
18 May 2005, Test & Measurement

The LAN Toner from Tempo is designed for the network installation and maintenance professional and can be used on any wiring system including datacom, telecom, security/alarm, audio and CATV. The AT8L ...
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Twisted-pair cable tester
4 May 2005, Test & Measurement

Designed specifically for telephone local loop applications, the TS90 from Tempo applies the latest TDR (time domain reflectometry) technology to provide both ease-of-use and telephony performance. The ...
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Tone/probe for ADSL services
6 April 2005, Test & Measurement

The PE7780 Data Mate from Tempo can trace wire or cable without interfering with digital two-way cable or ADSL services. The PE7780 is a precision tone generator intended to provide tone for tracing and ...
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Fibre-optic cable testing now simplified
9 March 2005, Test & Measurement

Characterising the insertion loss and return loss of fibre-optic cable is simplified with the new 525N, says its manufacturer, Tempo. Testing fibre-optic cable in the field can be a time consuming and ...
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Equipment to test ADSL
25 August 2004, Test & Measurement

Test telephones can create line disturbances that affect DSL. Many telephone companies have thus adopted the use of lock-out sets that alert users to the presence of a digital line. A further refinement ...
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