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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Circuit & System Protection

Tiny thermal monitor for battery packs
22 November 2000, CST Electronics

With a digital temperature sensor, 64 bit ROM ID, 3,0 V to 5,5 V supply range, and 12 bit resolution, Dallas Semiconductor's DS18B20 one-wire digital thermometer is well-suited for battery pack applications. ...

Application cameo - 4,5 µA protection circuit lengthens Li-ion battery life
22 November 2000

If a Li-ion battery discharges below the recommended end-of-discharge voltage, the cycle life shortens and the battery dies prematurely. Linear Technology describes the circuit in Figure 1 that monitors ...

Dual SLIC protectors meet creepage requirements
22 November 2000, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

To help designers meet ground lead creepage, requirements being introduced by international safety standards such as IEC 60950 and UL1950, Power Innovations has introduced three enhanced versions of its ...

Compact thermal supervisor with fan control
22 November 2000, MB Silicon Systems

Micrel Semiconductor has developed a two-zone thermal supervisor IC for thermal management using embedded thermal diodes such as those found in Intel's Pentium III CPU. The MIC284 is part of a growing ...

Locating battery ground faults without sectionalising
25 October 2000

The AC injection test method measures fault resistance in the battery system without sectionalising the DC system.

Resettable fuses improve reliability at lower cost
25 October 2000, Electrocomp

As PPTC fuses are resettable, warranty costs and service calls are largely avoided.

Gas-filled surge arresters and varistors protect basestations
25 October 2000, Electrocomp

Interference-free mobile communications services must be available at all times

Microwave absorbers
25 October 2000, Avnet South Africa

With Murata's flexible absorbent materials, late design modifications can be avoided, says the company. Covering the frequency range from 0,1 to 2 GHz, they can be introduced at any stage in the sequence ...

Poor ground plus good filtering?
25 October 2000, Avnet South Africa

New developments by Murata have resulted in the new terminal capacitors for noise suppression in the GHz range, combined with a more than 50% reduction in the footprint. Two well-established families ...

Protectors for modem applications
25 October 2000, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

The 275 V working and 350 V protection voltage of the TISP4350L3BJ meets class B ringer levels and enables protection of the modem ring hook-switch relay while the TISP4070L3BJ provides maximum protection ...

Converter filters for noise suppression Class B
16 Feb 2000, Gemalto M2M (Cinterion Wireless Modules)

The SMD versions of the SAW resonators and front-end filters from EPCOS have hitherto been supplied in QCC8 packages (5 x 5 mm). An upgraded QCC8C package is now available. Although its dimensions are ...

Composite chips for efficient EMI/RFI filtering
16 Feb 2000, Avnet South Africa

A range of inductor/capacitor EMI/RFI chip filters which incorporates ceramic and ferrite composite construction technology for superior perform- ance, has been introduced by BI Technologies. Designed ...

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