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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Circuit & System Protection

Absolute surge protection
25 April 2001

Sidactors are solid-state crowbar devices designed to protect telecom equipment during hazardous transient conditions. Capitalising on the latest in thyristor advancements, Teccor designs its Sidactors ...

SMT fuse eliminates need for power resistors and PTCs
25 April 2001

Teccor Electronics has introduced the TeleLink surface mount fuse specifically for use with telecommunications equipment. Designed to be used in conjunction with the SIDACtor transient voltage suppressor ...

Multiport line protector
25 April 2001

A new multiport line protector designed to offer customers a monolithic solution for protecting multiple twisted pairs from overvoltage conditions is offered by Teccor. Based on a 6-pin SOIC package, ...

Metal oxide varistors
25 April 2001, Electrocomp

Varistors are voltage-dependent ceramic resistors (VDRs) that reliably protect electronic systems against overvoltages by limiting surge voltages or currents and by absorbing the energy. The Epcos SIOV ...

Locally manufactured surge arresters
25 April 2001, Surge Technology

The locally manufactured DEHNguard-T lightning surge arresters from Surge Technology are DIN-rail mounted and can withstand surge currents of up to 40 kA. The pluggable units consist of a base section ...

'Safe 'n sure' fuses
25 April 2001, Actum Electronics

In its modern factory, using sophisticated and especially developed precision equipment, ELU produces fuses and fuseholders which conform to various DIN-Semko-VDE-UL and CSA specifications. ELU components ...

Multifuse product line continues to grow
11 April 2001, Electrocomp

Bourns, a leading manufacturer of passive components, recently expanded its Multifuse product line. The new products were launched at electronica 2000:       Miniature fast-reacting SMT PPTCs The MF-USMD ...

Silver-filled EMI shielding gaskets
11 April 2001

Instrument Specialties-APM's ElectroCoat represents a new class of EMI shielding material that combines the low compression characteristics of fabric over foam with the environmental sealing characteristics ...

EMC filter fans for control cabinets
11 April 2001, Retron

The special features of Seifert's new EMC filter fan system are the result of original design - a fan generation to meet the toughest EMC requirements. As the EMC screen of the model range has a common ...

5 x 20 fuse for SMT
28 February 2001, Retron

Why should one not use a 5 x 20 fuse as a SMD-component, if there is enough space for such a solution? Is it because of the missing heat resistance of the fuse during the soldering process? According ...

Protecting modems against lightning discharges
14 February 2001, Electrocomp

Suitable protection modules matched to all regional conditions can be developed from surge arresters, varistors, inductors and capacitors

Interference suppression capacitors with insulated leads
14 February 2001, Electrocomp

BCcomponents has extended its metallised polypropylene interference suppression film capacitor range with the new MKP 435 X2 series with insulated leads. This series is primarily intended for use in ...

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