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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

Circuit & System Protection

5 x 20 fuse for SMT
28 February 2001, Retron

Why should one not use a 5 x 20 fuse as a SMD-component, if there is enough space for such a solution? Is it because of the missing heat resistance of the fuse during the soldering process? According ...

Protecting modems against lightning discharges
14 February 2001, Electrocomp

Suitable protection modules matched to all regional conditions can be developed from surge arresters, varistors, inductors and capacitors

Interference suppression capacitors with insulated leads
14 February 2001, Electrocomp

BCcomponents has extended its metallised polypropylene interference suppression film capacitor range with the new MKP 435 X2 series with insulated leads. This series is primarily intended for use in ...

Suppression caps rated up to 440 V a.c.
14 February 2001, Electrocomp

The small dimensions of Bourns'MKP 338 1 X1 440 V a.c. series can offer a major boost to manufacturers committed to miniaturisation, especially in applications such as UPS-supplies and mains filters for ...

GBIC fibre-optic shield
14 February 2001

Instrument Specialities has introduced the GBIC shield for reducing emissions from GBIC (GigaBit Interface Converter) fibre-optic transceivers. Fibre-optic transceivers can be a troublesome source of ...

Contact strips for shielding enclosures from EMI/RFI
14 February 2001

Bavaria Elektronik has available contact strips used to close and thereby shield gaps between two surfaces. For optimum shielding performance, the contact strip must be in a position to span the min and ...

Li+ battery-pack protector
22 November 2000, Altron Arrow

Linear Technology's LT 1405 12 bit, 5 MSa/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC) operates single 5 or ±5 V supplies with only 115 mW of power dissipation and features AC specs of 71,3 dB SINAD and 85 dB ...

High frequency transformers and suppression chokes
22 November 2000

Prodigy Manufacturing offers a number of standard common mode and rod chokes for use in suppression of electromagnetic interference, for example, that caused by switch mode power supplies. If a standard ...

Subminiature fuse-links save 65% space
22 November 2000, Retron

Schurter's FWF/FWT expands its existing range of subminiature fuse-links. In 125 V applications, these through-hole technology fuse-links offer efficient protection of electrical equipment and components ...

One to four-pair surge protection boxes
22 November 2000

Citel's BPI unit is designed to protect terminals linked by one pair to telephone or data networks. The unit has a removable protection circuit (PIN S180...) which simplifies maintenance. The B280, ...

Tiny thermal monitor for battery packs
22 November 2000, CST Electronics

With a digital temperature sensor, 64 bit ROM ID, 3,0 V to 5,5 V supply range, and 12 bit resolution, Dallas Semiconductor's DS18B20 one-wire digital thermometer is well-suited for battery pack applications. ...

Application cameo - 4,5 µA protection circuit lengthens Li-ion battery life
22 November 2000

If a Li-ion battery discharges below the recommended end-of-discharge voltage, the cycle life shortens and the battery dies prematurely. Linear Technology describes the circuit in Figure 1 that monitors ...

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