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Software optimises bandpass filter design
13 June 2012, Design Automation

Like all RF and microwave components, a differential filter design will remain only a simulation exercise if it is not created with its manufacturing process in mind. That is, the tight dimensional tolerances ...
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Selecting the right RF coaxial connector and cable
3 March 2010, Interconnection

The vast variety of RF coaxial connectors and cable available often makes it a difficult task for an engineer to specify or select the correct part for a particular application. Often, not much thought ...
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Soldering iron maintenance kits
1 October 2008, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

A new line of soldering iron maintenance kits that were developed to assure performance and long life for heavy-duty industrial soldering irons is being introduced by American Beauty Soldering Tools. These ...
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Heavy-duty resistance soldering systems
23 July 2008, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

American Beauty Soldering Tools has introduced heavy-duty resistance soldering systems for soldering tasks such as large military pin connectors where the solder joint quality must be exceptional. The ...
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Industrial-duty soldering iron
14 May 2008, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The Model 3178 Heavy-Duty 300 Watt soldering iron from American Beauty Soldering Tools excels at running seams with 24-26 gauge sheet metal, copper down spouts, flashings and related applications. The ...
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Solder pots for RoHS compliant solders
30 April 2008, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

A line of solder pots designed specifically for use with most lead-free solder alloys used for dip soldering and pre-tinning applications is available from American Beauty Soldering Tools. The industrial ...
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Microwave Office 2007 released
31 October 2007, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Applied Wave Research has announced the 2007 versions of its high-frequency software, the Microwave Office design suite and its system simulation software, Visual System Simulator (VSS). These latest ...
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Dedicated software uncovers failings in communication circuits
18 April 2007, Design Automation

MMIC and RFIC designers are using spreadsheets that ignore image noise and impedance mismatch. These omissions postpone product launches and hit sales, argues Applied Wave Research’s Chris Paris, but ...
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Cooperation to integrate 3D EM software into microwave design suite
28 June 2006, Design Automation

Applied Wave Research (AWR) and Computer Simulation Technology (CST), a German company, are cooperating to integrate CST's Microwave Studio 2006, a 3D electromagnetic technology, with AWR's Microwave ...
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Partnership will help engineers better analyse EM designs
2 November 2005, Design Automation

Applied Wave Research (AWR), a leading provider of high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) tools, and Flomerics, a provider of 3D electromagnetic analysis software, have announced a partnership ...
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Tweezer-style resistance soldering systems
19 October 2005, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Resistance soldering offers the ability to solve difficult soldering applications with intense, localised heat. Resistance soldering systems convert standard AC line voltage by means of a specially-designed, ...
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Resistance soldering and how it works
23 February 2005, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Resistance soldering is a method of soldering that is performed with the use of a special type of controllable equipment that American Beauty has developed to produce an intense heat, which can be applied ...
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