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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

Passive Components

Cylindrical thin-film inductors
16 Feb 2000

BC Components has launched its first range of inductors. The cylindrical thin-film inductors have a high self-resonant frequency (SRF), capable of working up to 2 GHz, claims the manufacturer. They also ...

High temperature electrolytic capacitators cut the size of harsh environment electronics
16 Feb 2000, Electrocomp

A range of advanced high temperature electrolytic capacitors from BC Components means that designers no longer have to suffer the penalties of large case size, limited operating lifetime and high component ...

Smaller more rugged saw resonators and front-end filters
16 Feb 2000, Gemalto IoT (Cinterion Wireless Modules)

The SMD versions of the SAW resonators and front-end filters from EPCOS have hitherto been supplied in QCC8 packages (5 x 5 mm). An upgraded QCC8C package is now available. Although its dimensions are ...

Eight resistors in Tiny SMT Package
16 Feb 2000, Actum Electronics

Two multifuse polymer ITC resettable fuse product models for battery applications: the MF-MSMC 190 and the MF-AAA from Bourns are designed to meet the sophisticated needs of today's growing portable equipment ...

High temperature auto-insertable film capacitors
16 Feb 2000, Electrocomp

BC Components offers a series of small, high performance, high temperature auto-insertable film capacitors ideal for use in lighting ballasts and HID lighting. With the addition of the MMKP 383 Series ...

Shock and impulse-proof film capacitors
16 Feb 2000, Electrocomp

EPCOS’s new advanced metallised polyester film capacitors (MKT), cast in a plastic case and with 4-pin terminals, are now available. These capacitors were developed for the automotive market and have ...

Electrolytic capacitor combines very high ripple current, extended life and miniature size
16 Feb 2000

BC Components is offering a complete new range of electrolytic capacitors. Designed in close collaboration with a motor control customer, the 198 PHR-SI series has a miniature format, very high ripple ...

Ceramic Quartz crystals and oscillators
16 Feb 2000

Since most of today’s electronic equipment relies on the need for high-precision, high-stability frequency and timing control, BC Components says it can provide it in one of the broadest, most innovative ...

Inductive components
16 Feb 2000, Electrocomp

Bourns is offering chip resistors that it claims deliver high quality and stability. With three- layer contacting process with nickel barriers, leaching is prevented and it provides excellent solderrability. ...

Ultra compact SMD package for crystal unit
16 Feb 2000, Tempe Technologies

For technical reasons all crystals in a plastic package have to be encapsulated in a metal cylinder. Therefore the crystals have to be extremely small, resulting in considerable design and production ...

Fast, wideband current monitor
16 Feb 2000, Denver Technical Products

The Model 6585 current monitor from Pearson Electronics of the US has a 50 mm hole diameter with improved high frequency performance. This device has a sensitivity of 1,0 V/A, a frequency range of 200 ...

Tantalum chip capacitor in 0603
26 Jan 2000, Avnet South Africa

Component maker AVX can offer the world's smallest tantalum capacitor - an 0603 chip that eliminates the welded lead frame common in conventional tantalum devices. Designated as the TACmicrochip series, ...

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