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Computer/Embedded Technology

New generation panel PC for HMI applications
9 May 2001, ProMicro

Advantech has released details of its PPC-A84T, a new generation 210 mm panel PC with a Cyrix GXM CPU. It is especially designed for human machine interface (HMI) applications such as in factory and machinery ...

Credit card-sized PC also easy on power
9 May 2001, Centurion Micro Electronics

Multichip modules which integrate all standard PC features in a credit card-sized package make smartModule the perfect choice for OEMs seeking high performance in the smallest of footprints. With all ...

3U compact PCI backplane with six slots
9 May 2001, Actum Electronics

The 073615 Erni backplane used in Compact PCI computer systems has high- performance features which make it ideally suited for telecom, datacom and industrial applications like CNC's robotic controls ...

First Transmeta Crusoe micro-embedded board released
25 April 2001, Centurion Micro Electronics

ICP has released its new Transmeta Crusoe embedded board, the Wafer-6820. With the minute dimensions of only a 3,5" disk size, it offers the key features of low power consumption, higher-bandwidth bus ...

ISDN adapter for PC/104 bus
25 April 2001

Jumptec, distributed and supported locally by Systems 104, offers its PC/104 ISDN module. This is an ISDN controller module for PC104 that enables industrial computer systems and control systems to be ...

Portable PCs for operations in the field
11 April 2001

The advent of the new millennium brings with it an increased demand for portable computing equipment. Technological advances continue to liberate desk-bound workers for field operation. VELOCIT-e says ...

Ethernet/Internet connectivity demonstration board available
11 April 2001

Microchip's Ethernet/Internet demonstration board with a TCP/IP stack to enable embedded connectivity over industrial and appliance networks is a new tool for engineers to explore Microchip's ...

Industrial rackmount PC server
11 April 2001, ProMicro

Advantech's SPC-520 Series includes the nine-slot, 19" rackmount, industrial grade, PC Server. It accommodates 1 ISA/7 PCI/1 CPU backplane or ATX motherboard. With its 400 W power supply, the SPC-520 ...

1U server chassis provides space-saving solution
11 April 2001, Centurion Micro Electronics

ICP Electronics' RACK-2300 1U server chassis is a 1U height and 21,5" depth Rackmount chassis that supports full size PICMG CPU cards. The PCI-2SD2 backplane accepts two PCI slots which present flexibility ...

Ring topology no longer considered unconventional
11 April 2001

A combination of original design and skill now allows an ArcNet control system to be cabled as a ring under certain conditions without causing unreliable network operation. Contemporary Controls' engineers ...

SA developers welcome Java 2 Micro Edition for Linux
11 April 2001

Sun Microsystems' announcement of the immediate availability of the Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) for Linux has been welcomed by local developers who are dedicated to developing purely on this ...

Flash 8-bit MCUs for cost-sensitive applications
11 April 2001, Avnet South Africa

Motorola claims its 68HC908JL and JK families of in-system programmable flash microcontrollers (MCUs) allow design engineers to benefit from cost-effective and flexible 20 and 28-pin flash MCU solutions ...

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