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Electronics Buyers' Guide

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22 November 2000

Feature Articles:
  • Improving the quality of the mobile radio network
  • An integrated intelligent power module family with new features and increased power density
  • Telema - your problem-solving partner for electric power resistors
  • The need for UPS and power solutions in Africa
  • Power conversion solutions offer low harmonic supply and good power factor
  • Power quality measurements solve problems in industrial motor circuits
  • Telecommunications and IT solutions from Data & Systems Technology
  • Ferrites for the information age
  • Cirtech - one stop service for PCBs

8 November 2000

Feature Articles:
  • A new era in embedded design
  • Xilinx from Avnet Kopp - programmable logic today for the future
  • PLDs - your competitive edge for high volume production
  • Handheld spectrum analyser simplifies field maintenance

25 October 2000

Feature Articles:
  • Locating battery ground faults without sectionalising
  • Must you have that capacitor?
  • Resettable fuses improve reliability at lower cost
  • Gas-filled surge arresters and varistors protect basestations
  • Will digital subscriber line technology live up to expectations?
  • Software for advanced equipment development

15 March 2000

Feature Articles:
  • The Best of both worlds - the silicon micro relay in MEMS technology

1 March 2000

Feature Articles:
  • The electronics Industry in perspective - the view of Allan McKinnon
  • Biologically inspired software being developed for the 21st Century
  • Hardware and firmware noise reduction techniques in embedded systems
  • The general packet radio service (GPRS) a flexible high-speed data technology

16 Feb 2000

Feature Articles:
  • Avnet Kopp signs agreement with the 'People in power'
  • Realtime software for PC/104 systems: What are the options available for developers?
  • Versatile ring tone generator finds usues in motor drivers and amplifiers
  • Interconnection manufacturer and distributor grows with the growth markets-and maintains focus
  • Keeping your cable test capabilities up to date amid changing requirments

26 Jan 2000

Feature Articles:
  • Mr Chip and Century 21
  • Hardware and firmware noise reduction techniques in embedded system.
  • The ubiquitous micro
  • Productronica 99: Electronics manufacturing into the new millennium
  • South African company manufactures highclass products for the industrial automation marketplace
  • A perspective on the future of the SMT industry
  • New considerations in CSP rework
  • Key steps when implementing an enterprise resource planning solution
  • EMC design practices: ESD is shocking experience for electronics
  • AOI in the SMT assembly process: which strategy?
  • Professional housing and enclosures, the PMP easy way
  • Core networking: no easy routes to the future
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