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23 November 2022: Feature Articles

  • Matter protocol is finally released
  • Products/Technologies of the year 2022
  • The significance of the Matter standard
  • A perfect match: Cloud-based positioning and LoRaWAN
  • New 450 MHz networks to accelerate utility services
  • Machine Learning with Microchip Technology

26 October 2022: Feature Articles

  • Choosing a Pb-free solder paste
  • Extending the life of soldering tips
  • MyKay Tronics: from humble beginnings
  • The spirit of connecting
  • How the micro nozzle works
  • Five key routes to better Li-ion batteries
  • Opto-electronic health monitoring

28 September 2022: Feature Articles

  • Engineering considerations for LoRaWAN gateway design
  • IoT connectivity: How to choose the right cellular technology
  • The importance of automation and data strategy in future-proofing cloud adoption
  • Overcoming the obstacles of industrial automation implementation
  • Solving industry 4.0 challenges with software-configurable I/O
  • The CHIPS act is a big deal

31 August 2022: Feature Articles

  • Extended Producer Responsibility in South Africa
  • Shutting down 2G and 3G in South Africa
  • Advantages of Wi-Fi 6 for the IoT
  • Icorp of Things: a more connected world
  • Location tracking: the road to ultra-wideband
  • Perspectives on education and the role that women play in engineering: Sune von Solms

27 July 2022: Feature Articles

  • How to build an uninterruptible power supply for home devices
  • Personality profile: Shilpa Mehta
  • Reasons to clean circuit assemblies even when using no-clean flux
  • Going beyond with HONOR
  • Top five MPU suppliers strengthen market dominance

29 June 2022: Feature Articles

  • Helium mining – Popular hype or real business opportunity? – Part 2
  • How to extend the run-time of battery-powered equipment
  • Power supply design considerations for remote patient monitors
  • Vicor releases technology predictions for 2022

30 May 2022: Feature Articles

  • Helium mining – Popular hype or real business opportunity?
  • ExecuGroup launches ExecuWeb, sponsors engineering talent
  • Should you buy a software-defined radio or build your own?
  • Three compact solutions for high step-down voltage ratios

26 April 2022: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: Hitesh Pema
  • A2B is revving up over-the-air software management
  • Is it getting hot in here?
  • Company profile: Links Field South Africa
  • The $180 billion market for location-based media and entertainment

30 March 2022: Feature Articles

  • Sophisticated threats raise stakes in electronic warfare conflicts
  • How to choose the right soldering station for your needs
  • Effects of water and water vapour on conformal coating protection
  • Optical liquid analysis prototyping platform for ubiquitous sensing

28 February 2022: Feature Articles

  • Electronic component shortages for 2022 and beyond
  • Charting China’s meteoric chip sales trajectory
  • Security is key for effective EV wireless battery management

EMP 2022 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • EDMASA poised to reinvigorate SA’s electronics industry
  • From the editor's desk: Hurrying up, waiting or clinging on for dear life?
  • Reasons to clean circuit assemblies even when using no-clean flux
  • Successfully implementing low temperature soldering
  • Using big data to drive better productivity
  • Wearable devices place new demands on electronics