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24 November 2021: Feature Articles

  • One LoRa node to find them all
  • Products of the Year 2021
  • Personality profile: Doug Gunnewegh
  • From the editor's desk: Weather forecast – partly sunny, moderately windy, opportunities on horizon
  • Signal chain implementation for condition monitoring systems
  • World-first demo of wireless-powered 5G base station

27 October 2021: Feature Articles

  • Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
  • Omnigo’s TestBench offers a reliable test base to meet a multitude of test requirements
  • Thermal management in high-performance RF and microwave PCBs
  • LPWAN markets and applications
  • SDR transceiver delivers big advances in frequency hopping
  • Installation considerations for open-frame and U-channel power supplies

29 September 2021: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: Hannes Taute
  • A technical overview of three top LPWAN architectures
  • Wits researchers turn Jozi into live lightning research lab
  • Improving precision ADC signal chain design time with CTSDs
  • Prototype chip decodes any type of data sent across a network
  • Construction of world’s largest radio telescope arrays green-lighted

25 August 2021: Feature Articles

  • iCorp Technologies – ‘We don’t sell components, we provide solutions’
  • The LPWAN state of play in SA
  • Personality profile: Daniel Haywood
  • Optical design for ToF depth sensing cameras
  • Modern trends are shaping new power connectors
  • The evolution of heavy-duty connectors

28 July 2021: Feature Articles

  • Component shortages persist, but hope is in sight
  • Thermal profiling is integral to a process in control
  • Personality profile: Derick Smalberger
  • How to ensure end-to-end security for embedded systems
  • Why realistic voltage sources should be considered when designing a reliable power supply

23 June 2021: Feature Articles

  • From the editor's desk: All fall down
  • Personality profile: Tau Ndhleleni
  • Electronics light the road ahead for the agriculture sector
  • The dangers of gut-feel engineering
  • Designing better comms systems, from factories to operating rooms
  • Choosing the right approach for power supply selection and design

26 May 2021: Feature Articles

  • A tribute to Mark Schroeder
  • IBM shrinks chip geometries to 2 nm
  • Intel Agilex FPGAs deliver flexibility and agility for the data-centric world
  • Preparing for a 5G world
  • Reliable grounding methods for high-voltage power supplies

28 April 2021: Feature Articles

  • From the editor’s desk: We’re still just circling the problem of e-waste
  • Challenges for electronic circuits in space applications
  • Electronic warfare: Vying for control of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Personality profile: Renato Martins
  • Preparing IoT designers for next-generation cyberattacks

31 March 2021: Feature Articles

  • Component shortages and how to mitigate them
  • Strength to the tech industry despite the pandemic
  • Is your dry storage J-standard compliant?
  • The power of 2D and 3D X-ray inspection
  • Beating the best with artificial intelligence
  • Multi-parameter vital signs monitoring is easier than ever before

26 February 2021: Feature Articles

  • 5G and IoT in 2021
  • Personality profile: Bossie Coetzer
  • The current state of GaN use for RF technology
  • Modern LIDAR systems promise sensing for every industry
  • How do fusion splicers work?

EMP 2021 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • The same old new normal
  • A comprehensive guide to X-ray inspection
  • SMT reflow oven-to-oven repeatability
  • A match made in car alarm heaven
  • Conformal coatings vs. encapsulation resins – making an informed choice
  • An introduction to counterfeit components and testing