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25 November 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Export Council grows membership
  • UKZN launches new innovation group
  • Cape boasts all-female contract manufacturer
  • National Electronics Week offers IPC certification
  • Webb focuses on indoor coverage

11 November 2009

Feature Articles:
  • NEW SA 2010 offers exhibitors savings, draws local support
  • SAEEC holds upbeat AGM
  • EBV boasts specialised RFID services

28 October 2009

Feature Articles:
  • SA electronics companies profile: Keystone Electronic Solutions
  • UK Trade & Investment supports NEW SA 2010
  • Vodacom launches vehicle tracking SIM card
  • Cinterion partners with GTT
  • Semiconductor inventories approach equilibrium

14 October 2009

Feature Articles:
  • AMTS stimulates local manufacturing industry
  • Research promises new era of hybrid chips
  • J&D Electronics appoints Comtest
  • Meissner hosts successful UPS technical week

30 September 2009

Feature Articles:
  • National Electronics Week coming to SA in 2010
  • SJ Andrews acquires Uniross industrial division
  • Local company provides technical training
  • PCB materials specification updated
  • CZ Electronics attains Level 3 BBBEE status

16 September 2009

Feature Articles:
  • DNA used for building tiny circuits
  • Fidelity rolls out wireless guard monitoring solution
  • Sustained quantum computation processing demonstrated
  • Gemtek celebrates fifth birthday

2 September 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Top 20 chip makers' sales surge 21%
  • 2009 engineering excellence awards announced
  • The importance of calibration expertise in manufacturing
  • FPGA-based reconfigurable supercomputer

19 August 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Venture capital funding for technology sector
  • Laser output achievement elicits international interest
  • Environmental stress testing offers peace-of-mind
  • Energy-efficient DSP development
  • Telegesis gains ICASA approval

5 August 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Concilium supports high-school science students
  • New PCB prototyping service comes to SA
  • Advanced optical materials improve solar absorption
  • Cable Guard system prevents cable theft

22 July 2009

Feature Articles:
  • LEDs look to be industry's shining light
  • SAMES no longer manufacturing in SA
  • New benchmark for embedded MPUs
  • Trolley Scan enhances passive RFID technology

8 July 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Cinterion celebrates its first year in business
  • Flaw discovered in transistor noise theory
  • Moore's Law faces bleak future
  • Becker Electronics achieves ISO 9001 certification
  • FTDI distributes through Electrocomp

24 June 2009

Feature Articles:
  • What is next for electronic devices?
  • Invisibility cloak design simplified
  • Licensing technological developments funded by public money
  • Social networking site for electronics industry
  • Harvesting energy from biological movement

10 June 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Local students recognised at international science fair
  • Top 20 semiconductor companies shakeup
  • CSIR installs new X-band antenna
  • Electro-optical signal mixer using a transistor laser
  • Unity unveils new memory technology

27 May 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Chip revenues to regress to year 2000 levels
  • African scientists study atmosphere using lidar
  • Supercapacitor development improves energy retention
  • ARM set to lead pack in 32-bit MCU architectures
  • Mexico purchases thermal imagers to aid in flu screening

13 May 2009

Feature Articles:
  • New superconducting material developed
  • Nigerian engineers put satellite to good use
  • Q&A with contract manufacturer Omnigo
  • How to successfully outsource electronic manufacturing
  • The Terminator visits Rittal

29 April 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Analog market heads for greener pastures
  • Prominent SA electronics entrepreneur passes away
  • GAMA elects first female chairperson
  • Jaycor wins Lemo agency
  • Novel technique for making nanoscale transistors

15 April 2009

Feature Articles:
  • 2008 top 20 semiconductor supplier ranking
  • Microcontroller market analysis
  • Data storage using spintronics
  • Webb develops new antennas
  • FPGA inventor joins hall of fame

1 April 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Tackling e-waste in Africa
  • Trinity opens development operation in Cape Town
  • New standard for RF remote controls
  • EMEA distribution market dip accelerates
  • New embedded board form factor

18 March 2009

Feature Articles:
  • SAPS upgrades technology in Eastern Cape
  • PneuDrive Challenge 2009 launches
  • Sarel enclosures to change brand
  • Trinity appoints security distributor in Namibia
  • Coast to Coast represents Megger

4 March 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Using graphene strips for memory storage
  • Vodacom promotes women in technology
  • Paybacks from energy harvesting

18 February 2009

Feature Articles:
  • IBM develops GHz graphene transistor
  • Discovering new superconductors and super alloys
  • Webb expands surge protection offering
  • TBBPA unlikely to be banned under RoHS

4 February 2009

Feature Articles:
  • Semiconductors worldwide in 2009 and beyond
  • EBV focuses on energy efficiency and the environment
  • EIB supports local solar panel development
  • iSuppli warns of solar market eclipse in 2009
  • Graphene-based mass data storage advance

21 January 2009

Feature Articles:
  • SABS dishes out design excellence awards
  • IC Insights' latest top 20 supplier rankings
  • Semi sales to see first decline since 2001
  • Intel sends young SA scientists to US
  • Otto to distribute Simcom products
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