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25 November 2020: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: Dereck Styane
  • Products of the Year 2020
  • What is device management and why should you care?
  • The A to Z of A2B applications
  • What makes good connector design?

28 October 2020: Feature Articles

  • Stability in turbulent times
  • TRX welcomes Hannes Taute as new MD
  • Personality profile: Hosia Matlou
  • How you can help your EMS partner
  • Practical experience with PCB robotic soldering processes
  • Ask your PCB supplier about reliability, not just capability

30 September 2020: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: Mervyn Stocks
  • Forbatt SA invests in South Africa
  • Smoke detection matters
  • Company profile: Omron Electronics
  • The pivotal role of supercapacitors in powering IoT

31 August 2020: Feature Articles

  • Tribute to Paul Soteriou
  • Personality profile: Brian Andrew
  • Women taking the lead in engineering
  • Promoting women in the smart meter sector
  • Energy harvesting for wireless sensor nodes
  • Supercapacitors usurping batteries, says IDTechEx

29 July 2020: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: Jean Mearns
  • Avnet EMEA names two new leaders to SA operation
  • Mounting methods for high-power RF plastic devices
  • The powerful impact of protecting future LED lighting applications
  • What’s in your healthcare monitor?

30 June 2020: Feature Articles

  • To fake or not to fake
  • Not the end, but a journey
  • Personality profile: Warren Mande
  • The revolution of LTO battery technology
  • Uncover EMI issues early with simple pre-compliance tests
  • The promise of 5G wireless communications

29 May 2020: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: David Power
  • Designing for military and defence applications
  • Why ‘new space’ satellites demand a new approach to components
  • Principles and testing of 5G over-the-air performance
  • IoT-based smart agriculture solutions

29 April 2020: Feature Articles

  • Locked down but not knocked out
  • Personality profile: Chris Viveiros
  • Why low quiescent current matters for longer battery life
  • What place is there for electronics in horticulture/agriculture?

25 March 2020: Feature Articles

  • XinaBox – Reaching for the stars
  • All good things come to an end
  • Power delivery over USB Type-C will open up new applications
  • Looking beyond radar, the car’s virtual eye

26 February 2020: Feature Articles

  • Personality profile: Peet Smit
  • Our 5G world in 2025: what to expect, how to make it happen
  • Hybrid capacitors combine the best of both worlds
  • Battery pack design considerations for rechargeable solutions
  • Eliminate risk with proper calibration

29 January 2020: Feature Articles

  • Breaking par for security at ­Woodhill
  • Check out Dataweek’s new-look website
  • Low-noise electronic circuitry enables low-intensity light detection
  • AREI’s plans for 2020
  • Repro installs new SMT production line
  • V2X: The future of vehicle communications

EMP 2020 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • From the editor's desk: 4IR requires people, too
  • What differentiates EMS companies
  • Process defect guide on QFN/LGA and bottom mounted components
  • How to use spot mask for wave soldering and conformal coating
  • Implementation of environmentally sound cleaning