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30 November 2005: Feature Articles

  • South Africa's economic growth outlook remains upbeat
  • ADEC - 2005 challenging. 2006 likely to improve
  • Avnet Kopp - outlook for 2006
  • DSP chip market to continue fast growth
  • Funds to be made available for broadcast infrastructure upgrade
  • Bulk of MCU revenue moving to 16-bit and 32-bit
  • Saab Grintek to distribute Eltek Energy supplies
  • Top 10 global wireless predictions for 2006
  • Wireless LAN market to reach $5 bn by 2006
  • Zetech wins sales award

16 November 2005: Feature Articles

  • Analog power IC market to boom
  • New Monitoring Act now law: guide available
  • Products of the Year
  • Wireless solutions to dominate SA's broadband market

19 October 2005: Feature Articles

  • Training institute supports comprehensive access to telecom skills
  • 60th anniversary of CSIR: renewed focus on research and innovation
  • T&M 2005 Conference and Exhibition highly successful
  • Mesh wireless broadband solution maximises mobile performance
  • Strong growth to continue for MCU market
  • Uptake of high definition TV dependent on optimal price-quality balance

5 October 2005: Feature Articles

  • Diamond lenses can increase optical data storage
  • Photons from flexible plastics
  • R&D in telecommunication under the spotlight at Satnac 2005
  • GPS receivers helped plot Katrina's course
  • MB Silicon Systems appointed Power Integrations distributor
  • RS takes proactive route with RoHS directive
  • Webb strengthens wireless data antenna offering

2 November 2005: Feature Articles

  • Loadtech strengthens ties with Vishay Tedea Huntleigh
  • Marantz Business Electronics and Zetech confirm partnership
  • Process control market grows semiconductor revenue

21 September 2005: Feature Articles

  • SA mobile data market to grow significantly
  • Companies collaborate on advancement of 'cognitive radio'
  • Local company develops weapons analysis system for navy

7 September 2005: Feature Articles

  • Prepayment electricity metering manufacturers set up industry association
  • ZigBee and Z-Wave square off in wireless residential control market
  • Acterna appoints Comtest as its southern African representative
  • Award winners to exhibit magnetic test bench at DSEI
  • Fusing ad hoc and peer-to-peer
  • SA's broadband access set to scale new heights - BMI-T
  • Wireless technology - where to from here?

24 August 2005: Feature Articles

  • Moving towards broad-based Black economic empowerment
  • US IT infrastructure said to be highly vulnerable to attack
  • Productronica rings bell for the last round of transitions to lead (Pb)-free
  • RFID patent consortium: a positive step for the industry

10 August 2005: Feature Articles

  • SARL calls on the PLC industry and ICASA for more transparency

27 July 2005: Feature Articles

  • Bendable electronic paper retains colour image without power
  • Thales Advanced Engineering designs, builds and installs image transmission system for navy and airforce
  • Time now ripe for video blogs: Internet giants to cash in

13 July 2005: Feature Articles

  • New approach in nano-electronic design could enable low-cost, high-yield fabrication
  • ADEC Road Show on track
  • Cable/satellite decoder design receives a design award
  • New display innovation in watch technology

29 June 2005: Feature Articles

  • Nanotechnology combined with superconductivity could pave the way for 'spintronics'
  • SA telecom users start to reap the benefits of true competition

15 June 2005: Feature Articles

  • CSIR antenna gives 40 years top satellite support
  • Hybrid technology driving X-by-Wire to broaden automotive markets

1 June 2005: Feature Articles

  • Support centre pioneers Business Development Services accreditation programme
  • Despite 'competition' SA mobile call costs are still excessive
  • Opinion: time for a new numbering system from EPC?
  • Higher qubit rates will make quantum cryptography more viable for large-scale applications
  • New digital audio projectors spawning new chip opportunity
  • Production Logix - premier electronic contract manufacturer
  • Self-replicating robot created

18 May 2005: Feature Articles

  • New product development initiative calls for entries of prototypes
  • Actel at the forefront in the dawn of a new era for FPGAs
  • Avnet buying Memec
  • SA telecommunications - a storm in a teacup?
  • AAD hosts the first ARM technology seminars in SA
  • PCC offers practical Profibus and ASi course training

20 April 2005: Feature Articles

  • New Fluke distributor launched to the trade
  • Better QoS essential for the long-term success of voice/video/data over IP
  • Demand for storage never stops
  • Siemens expects much more from mobile and wireless

6 April 2005: Feature Articles

  • Chain reaction
  • Innovation more important than ever in platform era
  • RoHS: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • A global heavyweight in light aircraft avionics

4 May 2005: Feature Articles

  • The zero-defect initiative: sounding out hardware and software
  • Tomorrow's chips naturally

23 March 2005: Feature Articles

  • Service excellence makes the difference for Actum Electronics

9 March 2005: Feature Articles

  • World's first continuous laser from standard silicon a major advance
  • Scientists build the world's smallest non-volatile flash memory cell
  • Teams build robots that walk like humans

23 February 2005: Feature Articles

  • Opportunities for partnering with Australian companies
  • Automotive networking standardisation efforts need to continue
  • Power surge for analog markets
  • Who needs transistors?

9 February 2005: Feature Articles

  • ADEC and the electronic components industry in 2005
  • EIF: Telecoms regulations changes helpful, ICT Charter must move forward
  • 2005 - a tough but optimistic year ahead
  • Databeans 2005 forecast: semiconductor markets - worldwide
  • Kreon growing exponentially in engineering, software development as well as systems skills
  • Industrial semiconductor market growing at 8% per year
  • Is radio spectrum a scarce resource?
  • SAVANT establishes awareness of South Africa's ICT and electronic sector
  • Siemens helps prepare youth for future in ICT industry

26 January 2005: Feature Articles

  • 'Measure with confidence' says new Fluke distributor
  • New African ICT association established
  • South Africa's new product designers awarded
  • After record 2004, another semiconductor slump for 2005
  • Ultrawideband? - Show me the money
  • An update on the state of the electronics industry in South Africa - Part XV
  • SA corporates to leap into VoIP