2007 ▾

28 November 2007: Feature Articles

  • ADEC and the South African electronics industry
  • SAACE appoints youngest ever president
  • Tellumat grows Khanyagula science project
  • Industry drives ICT investment at Connect Africa Summit

14 November 2007: Feature Articles

  • Tellumat lands R150 million Telkom deal
  • Engineering consulting industry shows strong growth
  • Making RFID more secure
  • Products of the year

31 October 2007: Feature Articles

  • Gordon Moore: the man behind the Law
  • Wireless USB 1.1 to enrich end-user experience
  • Organic electronics at Productronica 2007
  • Nanowire phase-change memories

17 October 2007: Feature Articles

  • SIA Solutions proves value of BEE in ultra-high-tech aviation
  • Printed electronics enable everyday objects with electronic intelligence
  • USB 3.0 aims to increase speeds tenfold

3 October 2007: Feature Articles

  • ITU opens up huge online standardisation resource
  • Electrical entrepreneur wins grant to kickstart his business
  • Local prepaid wireless success expands abroad
  • Comtest becomes Rigol's exclusive distributor
  • Rittal joins 'The Green Grid'
  • RS Components launches new catalogue

19 September 2007: Feature Articles

  • Interest grows in the 2007 Siemens Cyber Junkyard
  • Tellumat modernises SAAF air defence radar system
  • Consortium acquires a 95% interest in Kelvin Power
  • Open source could open doors for VoIP in Africa
  • Comtest introduces Tejas Networks expert to SA
  • Actel drive FPGAs 'under the hood'
  • Global licensing agreement for wireless communication technology

5 September 2007: Feature Articles

  • Microchip launches semiconductor Wiki
  • Emerging mobile broadband technologies
  • Merger set to create an RF colossus
  • Support world-class local companies, urges Tellumat
  • 'EMS Village' to feature at Productronica 2007
  • Telecoms kitting for Africa
  • Using nanomechanical transistors to build a nanocomputer

22 August 2007: Feature Articles

  • Mobile phone data connectivity protocols: the battle heats up
  • Saab Grintek launches portable PIM testing capability
  • SMART Group SA seminar and workshop
  • UN shows support for communications development goals

8 August 2007: Feature Articles

  • Broadband technology is here, but service ethic is not
  • Fluke and Comtest send a warning to 'grey goods' importers
  • Optimisation solution for WiMAX applications
  • Chipless tags provide low-cost alternative to RFID

25 July 2007: Feature Articles

  • Marine survey for international fibre link starts in SA
  • Altech acquires ComTech
  • The digital terrestrial television rollout
  • Ultra-wideband technology provides superior performance

11 July 2007: Feature Articles

  • More public sector support required?
  • Technews to host inaugural Technews Golf Challenge
  • Tellumat lands Neotel network deal
  • Powertech acquires part of IST Group
  • Qnique wins product of the year award
  • Siemens grows local competence through acquisition
  • Drop in unit prices likely to boost commercialisation of MEMS

27 June 2007: Feature Articles

  • Mars Rovers refuse to accept expiry date
  • BEE joint venture secures ARMSCO contract
  • Channel Data acquires Powermode UPS business
  • South Africans pay world's third highest for fixed-line calls

13 June 2007: Feature Articles

  • Actum Electronics purchases Connecta
  • SAIEE objection stalls draft legislation
  • Telkom Media appoints chief technical officer
  • The key is ... nothing

30 May 2007: Feature Articles

  • What is driving mobile TV?
  • Microsoft brings innovative learning centre to Africa
  • Microchip announces new 16-bit Embedded Control Design Contest

16 May 2007: Feature Articles

  • 2010 FIFA World Cup opens up new technology opportunities in communications
  • Cryptography gives SA international presence
  • 3G implementation drives demand for wireless network monitoring systems
  • Are you ready for the Big Switch?
  • SARL radio technology 'on the road'

2 May 2007: Feature Articles

  • Tellumat acquires contract manufacturing firm Rhomco
  • Becker Electronics SA: local is lekker the world over
  • New SAIEE president appointed

18 April 2007: Feature Articles

  • SAIEE endorses BBBEE but calls for change to structure
  • Gaining digital direction through social networks
  • Trinity Telecomms to distribute eRide GPS chipsets

4 April 2007: Feature Articles

  • Siemens tackles South Africa's skills shortage
  • ICT conference to showcase 'SmartCity' concept
  • Rural Eastern Cape to get wireless broadband
  • Specialist team set up to promote LED technology for lighting applications
  • DECT cordless phones still hold sway over Wi-Fi phones
  • Nanotechnology: a small world with a big future
  • Programme will assist developers using Digi embedded products

21 March 2007: Feature Articles

  • Telecommunications expert warns against excessive regulation
  • Credit card-sized RFID tag with 35 m range on the horizon
  • German engineers learn about space technology from SA
  • Wavecom has a highly successful 3GSM in Barcelona

7 March 2007: Feature Articles

  • Study reveals annual US data centres consume 45 bn kWh costing nearly $3 bn a year
  • Altech and Samsung sign WiMAX deal
  • Frost & Sullivan opens office in South Africa
  • Alternative power GSM cell site trial
  • Technology in automobiles not a luxury anymore

21 February 2007: Feature Articles

  • Electrocomp enters into cooperation agreement with European component distributor
  • Microsoft launches Windows Vista and Office 2007
  • Tellumat makes a bid for promising WIMAX market
  • Electric vehicle aided by PC/104 system sets land speed record
  • The Electronic Communications Act will be key for VoIP says Sentech

7 February 2007: Feature Articles

  • Radio amateurs to focus on technology this year
  • Leading programming house now in South Africa
  • RFID contract awarded to track Spoornet's rolling stock
  • Will 2007 deliver 2006 promises?

24 January 2007: Feature Articles

  • Continued moderate growth forecast for semiconductor markets in 2007
  • Local engineer wins international electronics design award
  • Winners exemplify skills and training success
  • Bob Willis and team on tour in South Africa 2006
  • Convergence and ICT skills top of Vodacom's agenda
  • Is Africa ready to take advantage of mobile broadband as it comes of age?
  • Microchip forms specialist medical group
  • Reminisence and aftermath of the lead-free seminars held throughout the country
  • Water Angel - a most promising technology