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15 November 2017: Feature Articles

  • What are my IoT data transport options?
  • Addressing safety concerns with Li-ion batteries
  • Technology enablers towards connected and autonomous driving
  • Eskom Expo rewards young scientists
  • Products of the Year 2017

11 October 2017: Feature Articles

  • From the chairman’s desk: Q3 in South Africa
  • Enabling intelligent energy supply via the smart grid
  • Saab Grintek programme trains learners in IPC standards
  • DDZ gears up for further growth
  • Arrow Altech appoints new sales GM

13 September 2017: Feature Articles

  • Effort required to manage ICT e-waste
  • SKA to cooperate with CERN on big data
  • Op-amp balancing resistors are not a given
  • Choosing the right SLA battery for the right job

16 August 2017: Feature Articles

  • LoRa technology explained
  • Practically educating Gauteng’s technical educators
  • Ghana repurposes communications antenna for astronomy
  • Bluetooth updated for mesh networking

19 July 2017: Feature Articles

  • From the chairman’s desk: Manufacturing in South Africa
  • SA antennas used in major European tunnel project
  • Training structure the key to successful content
  • Factory software tools meet modern manufacturing demands

14 June 2017: Feature Articles

  • Cape Town hosts Dynamic Spectrum Alliance global summit
  • UL presents new smart meter standards
  • Keeping time to save money in smart meters
  • Implementing the upcoming 71 W PoE standard now

17 May 2017: Feature Articles

  • From the editor's desk: The Internet of Bricks
  • WhiteSpace Alliance encouraged by ICASA draft regulation
  • The many flavours of Bluetooth IoT connectivity
  • How the humble op-amp plays a crucial role in medical electronics
  • New-gen cellular technology for smart metering?

19 April 2017: Feature Articles

  • Mteto Nyati chosen to lead Altron
  • 8-bit microcontrollers continue to defy doomsayers
  • arei - from the chairman's desk
  • Local cable harness manufacturing
  • Company profile: Solve Direct Electronics

22 March 2017: Feature Articles

  • Chronicles of DesignCon 2017
  • Online ordering is advancing, but not yet the norm
  • Success factors for contract manufacturing in 2017
  • Zetech commences local manufacture of laser cut stencils
  • Training and facility upgrade at KZN solar module plant

22 February 2017: Feature Articles

  • Q&A: Andrew Cole, MD of Concilium Technologies
  • Intel and ARM architectures may battle over IoT
  • A good battery pack is not a case of plug and pray
  • IPD lands agency for top global distributor

31 January 2017: Feature Articles

  • Wits researchers make breakthrough in quantum electronics
  • Huge investment in Altron, management shake-up on the cards
  • Sigfox network coming to SA
  • SA student supercomputing team selected
  • Norway chooses South African antennas for rescue services

EMP 2017 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • Copper crisis looms for the PCB industry
  • Directory of suppliers
  • Making reflow ovens smarter
  • Advice for local manufacturers to thrive
  • Local procurement must be prioritised by both public and private sectors
  • Consumables, tools and accessories selection guide
  • Equipment selection guide