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26 November 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Prospects for 2009
  • Gartner sees negative semiconductor growth looming
  • Clean sweep for SA at 2008 Cyber Junkyard competition
  • Human-powered escalators

12 November 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Tellumat celebrates 10th anniversary
  • MPUs and MCUs selling well, DSPs struggle
  • Enfora penny, Enfora pound
  • RS Components launches mobile service
  • Breakthrough in 3D IC design

29 October 2008

Feature Articles:
  • INSITE 2008 bigger than ever
  • Restacking the structure of organic semiconductors
  • Reunert consolidates Reutech brand
  • IPC studies environmental megatrends

15 October 2008

Feature Articles:
  • SAIEE's recruitment campaign reaps rewards
  • Where to next for profitless chip suppliers?
  • Telit launches South African sales operations

1 October 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Photonics initiative of South Africa gathers momentum
  • New IPC standard released
  • Cooling chips with microjets
  • Scientists produce all-printed RFID tag
  • Flexible PCB market to see strong growth

17 September 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Worldwide chip sales still climbing
  • CESA's Engineering Excellence Awards
  • Local breakthrough in laser research
  • Tiny devices are big news at electronica

3 September 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Shake-ups in top 20 semiconductor supplier ranking
  • SAACE changes identity
  • Carbon nanotubes improve solar cell performance
  • Comprehensive soldering seminars in October
  • Local cash management system goes global

20 August 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Dr Bill Venter honoured internationally
  • Africa to spend $6 billion on fibre ICT projects
  • IC ASPs to increase in short term
  • Finer lines for next generation microchips
  • ICT sector introspective about climate change

6 August 2008

Feature Articles:
  • 1H08 over, what to watch for in 2H08
  • Momentum shifting in the GPS device market
  • National Semiconductor enters photovoltaic market
  • Intel's new transistor design makes for greener technology
  • Philips to light the way in sub-Saharan Africa

23 July 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Safeguarding South Africa's brain gain
  • Siemens starts them young
  • Getting started after 50 years
  • A tribute to Dr Maurice McDowell
  • 8th edition of Guide to Greener Electronics

9 July 2008

Feature Articles:
  • CSIR to stimulate learners' interest in space science
  • IBM cools 3D chips with H2O
  • Concilium awards bursaries to engineering students
  • VIA unveils new mini PC platform

25 June 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Siemens Wireless Modules becomes Cinterion
  • Advances in quantum computing
  • Siemens commits to further building the national skills base
  • Tellumat gears up for 2010

11 June 2008

Feature Articles:
  • IPC outcry over proposed RoHS expansion
  • Cairo closes doors on successful Telecom Africa 2008
  • One small step towards space-based quantum communications
  • Free online tool for forgetful engineers
  • Survey measures readiness to adopt multicore technology

28 May 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Electrical engineering's 'fourth element'
  • New class of memory holds great promise
  • New PCI Express roadmap adopted for PC/104
  • Microchip receives slew of annual awards
  • MPC celebrates 10 years in the recruitment industry

14 May 2008

Feature Articles:
  • INSITE 2008 to address South Africa's technical challenges
  • A memory giant is born
  • Vodacom to reposition as a provider of converged ICT
  • High expectations for electronica 2008
  • New revision for BGA assembly standard

30 April 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Global semiconductor market suffers bad memories of 2007
  • Omron Electronics acquires Yelland Control
  • Giving a voice to the speechless
  • Localising Wi-Fi access points

16 April 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Top analog companies maintain status quo
  • SAIEE appoints new president
  • Trinity launches wireless solutions entity
  • Remembering Sir Arthur C. Clarke, visionary of global satellite communications
  • SMART Group SA invests in the future

2 April 2008

Feature Articles:
  • SAIEE calls for task team to address power crisis
  • WiMAX delays dampen impact in SA
  • Tracking activity on a small scale with RFID
  • VHDL 4.0 offers several improvements

19 March 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Technology Top 100 awards dished out
  • Electrical Contractors' Association concludes wage negotiations
  • INSITE 2008 officially launched
  • SAIEE expands bursary administration service

5 March 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Worldwide semiconductor sales forecast for 2008
  • New advance in random number generation
  • Philips team mounts Kilimanjaro to 'Save the Snow'
  • LED lighting industry survey promises strong growth

20 February 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Vepac Electronics changes ownership
  • The potential for RFID applications in Africa
  • Telecoms to save lives when disaster strikes

6 February 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Soweto scholar wins space essay competition
  • EBV supports SA-UK school exchange
  • Will WiMAX deliver on its royalty promises?
  • Microsoft launches website personalisation

23 January 2008

Feature Articles:
  • Is Greenpeace putting electronics consumers at risk?
  • Cyber Junkyard winners rewarded
  • SAIEE sets up memorial bursary fund
  • Student of the Year Competition results
  • Clarification on DTT responsibilities
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