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14 November 2018: Feature Articles

  • Where to for the SA electronics industry in 2019?
  • NB-IoT’s place in the South African LPWAN picture
  • Optical networking and sensing with POF
  • Determining coil losses accurately
  • Strategies for deploying Xilinx’s RFSoC
  • Products of the Year 2018

10 October 2018: Feature Articles

  • In memoriam: Zalman Orlianski
  • Beat the exchange rate blues with local manufacturing
  • EMS trends in 2018 and beyond
  • Consider renting versus buying test equipment
  • Top 10 development boards of 2018
  • First-of-its-kind aircraft being designed in SA

12 September 2018: Feature Articles

  • Electronic component shortages – a South African perspective
  • Arrow Altech Distribution rebrands to Altron Arrow
  • The role of security in the new era of IoT
  • Design choices for Bluetooth Low Energy
  • LPWA technologies in South Africa – which is best?

15 August 2018: Feature Articles

  • How to make a pocket-sized white noise generator
  • Hiconnex Industrial to make HARTING connectors for trains
  • Internet of Agricultural Things enabled by LPWAN
  • Conical Technologies and Mini Circuits invest in education

18 July 2018: Feature Articles

  • SA buys R1 billion entrance ticket to fourth industrial revolution
  • The impact of localisation on revenue and supply chain
  • From zero to 100 million placements a month in 25 years
  • Designing high-speed PCBs using four layers
  • Minister dismayed at local content in STBs

13 June 2018: Feature Articles

  • AAD and Resolution Circle upskill students
  • Wits researchers make carbon nanotube discovery
  • Power efficiency boosted by Sic and GaN technologies
  • Thermal design incorporating EDA and MDA design flows
  • Contenders for the future king of battery technologies

16 May 2018: Feature Articles

  • An invisible war waged over electromagnetic spectrum
  • How the aerospace and defence sector is shaping the modern world
  • Navigating a way through GNSS
  • Official send-off for SA satellite
  • Company profile: Poynting

18 April 2018: Feature Articles

  • UCT fund helps engineering student beat the odds
  • The rise of edge computing
  • Embedded deep learning framework for FPGAs
  • Connectivity and reliable power – the keys to Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Open SMT assembly standard enjoying strong uptake

21 March 2018: Feature Articles

  • Local manufacturers look forward to a brighter future
  • R&D tax incentive applications streamlined
  • Lessons learned from an ECM and the customer that sued them
  • High-performance inertial sensing enables autonomous machines

21 February 2018: Feature Articles

  • Power designers are being challenged by spec changes
  • Testing the versatile USB Type-C interface
  • Industry urged to submit waste management plans
  • TUT engineering lab gets state-of-the-art test equipment

31 January 2018: Feature Articles

  • Don’t be fooled by substandard, cheap antennas
  • LTE is key to the future of M2M communication
  • Quectel supports MQTT protocol for IoT
  • Adding smart wireless connectivity to an LED lightbulb

EMP 2018 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • Localisation and the importance of brand
  • The digital manufacturing challenge for Africa
  • The importance of paying attention to component specifications
  • To tent or not to tent vias
  • Consumables, tools & accessories selection guide
  • Directory of suppliers
  • Equipment selection guide