2003 ▾

19 November 2003: Feature Articles

  • Datatec finalises MBO of two of subsidiary's divisions
  • RS Components donates R1,9m worth of equipment to Central Johannesburg College
  • 'Power Assist' set to stimulate new generations of tools and appliances
  • 'Products of the Year - 2003'
  • First exclusive computer theft survey
  • World's first commercial optical processor revealed
  • Are hotspots really that hot?
  • Ericsson Power Modules and Unique Memec ink Pan-European power module distribution agreement
  • Industrial audits identify improvement opportunities
  • ISIS focuses on telecommunications
  • Spescom provides free-space optics links in city centre

5 November 2003: Feature Articles

  • Tailor-made supply chain management = 'logistics on demand'
  • Company expands capabilities to support power supply market
  • Design drives new generation LEDs
  • Strong growth predicted for linear market
  • WPA - will it plug 'wireless' security holes?

22 October 2003: Feature Articles

  • On the threshold of maturity, Bluetooth market comes into its own
  • ADEC 2003
  • Bekithemba acquires the business of Parsec Components
  • EBV-Electrolink enters into sub-agency agreement with Spectron Electronics
  • Poynting Innovations receives SPII Award
  • Vektronix gets gold at ADEC

8 October 2003: Feature Articles

  • Mobile radio - big earning from exports
  • IT industry must put needs of customers first
  • Light at the end of the tunnel for women's handbags

24 September 2003: Feature Articles

  • South Africa's 'information dirt-road'
  • ASICs and processors not the only kinds of silicon shaped by Moore's Law
  • Avnet Kopp consolidates leadership in supply of analog devices through the acquisition of ADP
  • 5700 programmable chips enable revolutionary 'self regenerating electronic tissue' display
  • Grintek expands into high-tech avionics communications
  • Industrialists commit to high value-added manufacturing

10 September 2003: Feature Articles

  • Structured ASICs to experience 145% CAGR over five years
  • Super fast Linux supercomputer goes online
  • Team to use dead-reckoning algorithm-enabled GPS in unmanned vehicle challenge

27 August 2003: Feature Articles

  • New multichannel distributor helps increase efficiency and drive down costs
  • High speed photography comes of age for realtime industrial applications
  • Spescom MeasureGraph awarded LeCroy distributorship
  • Technical training - a new venture for Keops Altech
  • How flies can teach us to communicate efficiently
  • Local manufacturers buy more pick-and-place machines
  • Wireless OS turf war ensues over consumer and enterprise users

13 August 2003: Feature Articles

  • New search facility on
  • THRIP awards confirms encouraging growth in programme
  • Electronic perception technology brings 'projection keyboards' and other sight-enabled capabilities to wireless and embedded systems
  • It is now or never for the ADEC 2003 exhibition
  • DiskOnChip doubles Flash storage density
  • Milestone for Landis+Gyr in eThekwini
  • Stiffy disk replacement device simply plugs into USB
  • Test & Measurement Conference 2003

30 July 2003: Feature Articles

  • Intel to develop 802.16a silicon for 'last mile' wireless broadband solutions
  • Connectivity can be enhanced through a municipal-wide wireless infrastructure
  • Fiji island resort gets high-speed Internet access
  • Microchip Technology ranked number one in 8-bit microcontroller shipments
  • Mirror TV reflects new consumer trends
  • The Kelvin probe has revealing ways

16 July 2003: Feature Articles

  • Bureaucracy could take the sizzle off 'hotspots'
  • A fresh look at design re-use
  • Profile on Telbit - a designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic equipment
  • University buys LabVIEW-based design and prototyping suites
  • London's BT Tower an architectural landmark
  • Quality Technologies - reliable local source for transformers and coils for all applications
  • The smart way forward for microchips

2 July 2003: Feature Articles

  • 6 million gate design accelerated 16-fold with help of hardware acceleration
  • Aberdare Cables signs distribution agreement with Draka NK Cables of Finland
  • Launch of Dataweek e-mail newsletter
  • Seminars held on CPLD/FPGA synthesis and simulation

18 June 2003: Feature Articles

  • The dti launches BEE company database for ICTE sector
  • SA wants world's largest radio telescope
  • Grintek Telecoms embraces ISO 9001:2000

4 June 2003: Feature Articles

  • Coral-i awarded training grants by ISETT SETA for IBEET initiative
  • First centre to promote power electronics in Europe is founded
  • Changes to the EMC legislation in South Africa
  • High-speed leads growth in global amplifier market
  • WLAN industry continues to experience stellar growth

21 May 2003: Feature Articles

  • 'Intelligence' by the metre - chip network developed for textile surfaces
  • Mobile - a five-point plan to choosing the right supplier
  • Opportunities in wireless specific IC market
  • Wi-Fi, UWB and Powerline ICs taking over home entertainment

7 May 2003: Feature Articles

  • Export development programme for electronic components and systems successfully launched
  • Unique human-size robot functions as a caretaker or house sitter
  • Wireless solutions for everyone from Trinity Telecomms
  • Bare LCD display drive in embedded applications

23 April 2003: Feature Articles

  • New joint venture semiconductor company launches
  • Company now offers passives directly
  • Joint effort brings new circuit design educational tools
  • NTT DoCoMo to market 'Wristomo'
  • Single chip GPS device for accurate location sensing
  • Consortium announces milestone for Linux, embedded, and C/C++ software development
  • Grintek Telecom receives award
  • Knowledge-base and communications tool
  • Letter from Oz: Insight into the Australian market
  • Taiwan's 'best-flat panel display'

9 April 2003: Feature Articles

  • Poynting - antennas for Africa and the rest of the world
  • Parsec is ISO 9001:2000 compliant
  • Single/multilayer high-density thin-film interconnects integrate conductor patterns and other passive components in custom resistor solutions
  • Webb to distribute military components
  • 'Fortune' magazine names QNX founders 'heroes of manufacturing'
  • ADEC 2003 Expo - space at a premium
  • PMRA 2003 Expo - making air waves
  • University program expanded to include FPGA synthesis solution and ASIC prototyping software

26 March 2003: Feature Articles

  • Import tariffs on production material are stifling the growth of local PCB manufacturers
  • Trends in the electronics markets from a distribution perspective - East, West or South is best?
  • MultiMediaCards
  • The answer to better industry forecast and adjustment could lie in 'electronics flow wheel model'

12 March 2003: Feature Articles

  • ADEC expo ... 12 years later
  • EPP project 2003-2006: Export promotion programme for electronic components and systems
  • Neurological biosensor chip directly measures electrical activity in living cells
  • 'Fashionable' phone category created
  • Current thinking on brain wave recording turned on its head

26 February 2003: Feature Articles

  • The 'Analog Challenge' - where Europe's biggest analog specialist sees the market going
  • Need cables, looms, connectors, accessories? - Omnilyne provides a cost-effective solution
  • Scientist claims US ignored his method of detecting concealed weapons of mass destruction
  • Time for the clockless computer chip

12 February 2003: Feature Articles

  • Parts of British industry seriously underestimate the implications of lead-free ruling
  • The year in review - and 2003
  • Good news for the South African technology industry
  • Prospects for the electronics industry 2003 - EBV
  • Top international science and technology groups establish 'Global Alliance' for global good
  • Comment from ADEC
  • KH Distributors - a Top 300 empowerment company
  • Outlook 2003 - more than just a program
  • Superb growth forces Elonics' move to larger premises
  • The electronics industry in 2003 - Parsec's view
  • Watts Current!

29 January 2003: Feature Articles

  • Grintek Telecom gets licensed to automate services
  • 3G coming, ready or not
  • Innovation to leapfrog Moore's Law - 'virtual' microcontrollers to hotrod electronic systems
  • Catalyst Semiconductor expands in South Africa
  • High-speed FPGA development board aids product development
  • Webb and Radio Waves roll on