2014 ▾

19 November 2014: Feature Articles

  • ADEC is dead; long live ‘arei’
  • IBM offloads foundering chip business
  • Products of the Year
  • Arduino takes 3D printing open-source; HP lurks

29 October 2014: Feature Articles

  • DA lashes Cwele over digital TV migration
  • Postal strike: Update
  • Chequered flag falls on 2014 Sasol Solar Challenge
  • Electrocomp holds successful seminar tour
  • State-of-the-art lighting lab opens in Durban

8 October 2014: Feature Articles

  • On a positive note (with a pinch of salt)
  • Another material shows potential as successor to silicon
  • Concurrent design cuts development cost and time
  • New manufacturing industry studies released
  • Cyber Junkyard 2014 focusing on real-world skills

17 September 2014: Feature Articles

  • Counting the costs of Numsa’s strike
  • Tellumat creates Grand Parade joint venture
  • Chinese solar module maker opens R80m Cape Town plant
  • Products, profits proliferate on powerful SoC platforms
  • MEMS technology driving FPC connector miniaturisation

27 August 2014: Feature Articles

  • Electronic engineering search engine, amplified
  • Samsung to open TV plant in KZN’s Dube Tax Haven
  • The role of electronics in university research
  • Company profile: Multenet Technologies
  • Latest African digital TV score is Rwanda: 1, RSA: 0

6 August 2014: Feature Articles

  • Telecoms minister wants R1,59 billion
  • Company profile: KM Product Design
  • Sierra Wireless opens offices in SA
  • Concilium supplies Cape university with new lab instruments

16 July 2014: Feature Articles

  • ‘Proudly South African’ mobile devices going cheap, but at what cost?
  • Where two worlds collide
  • Innovation Hub launches community youth initiatives
  • Local simulation software developer bought by US giant
  • Sabertek gears up to take on the Chinese market

25 June 2014: Feature Articles

  • SA has a new telecoms minister
  • Ctrack chooses u-blox wireless modules
  • Icasa says no plans for EHF
  • Samsung to open plant in KZN?

4 June 2014: Feature Articles

  • ZYTEQ Technologies: the new contract manufacturer on the block
  • Avnet Kopp optimistic about local electronics industry
  • Benchtop instrument evolution now in the hands of Generation Y
  • Consolidation influences ranking of top 20 chip companies

14 May 2014: Feature Articles

  • South African open innovation platform goes live
  • Win a Microchip PICDEM PIC18 Explorer Board
  • International design contest for engineers and students
  • Enabling the connected world through NFC

23 April 2014: Feature Articles

  • This year’s biggest expo was pretty good
  • Indaba to focus on SA’s manufacturing sectors
  • I think it’s the fresh machine oil that does it
  • Cell C chooses Actum to install ESD flooring
  • Company profile: Thata uBeke Manufacturing

2 April 2014: Feature Articles

  • SA engineers invited to compete for new innovation award
  • 3D printing: the next game changer
  • Digital TV antenna designed and made in SA
  • Altech UEC has made 20 million set-top boxes

12 March 2014: Feature Articles

  • ECSA issues call to government and engineering community
  • SA aims to be platinum member of fuel cell manufacturing industry
  • Chinese giant taps SA PV module maker
  • Company profile: Electrothing

19 February 2014: Feature Articles

  • Conditional access débâcle causes frustration for STB manufacturing
  • Industry initiative hits a brick wall
  • National Electronics Week SA preview
  • Upgraded credit rating for Denel
  • MTN sponsors LTE towers for speed record attempt

29 January 2014: Feature Articles

  • New dti campaign promotes locally made goods
  • Innovative security system developed locally
  • Poynting develops subterranean cellular base-station
  • Company profile: Proactive Marketing Sales
  • Inkjet printers can print electrical circuits, too