2002 ▾

20 November 2002: Feature Articles

  • Season's greetings
  • SIA projects double-digit growth for global semiconductor sales
  • CME gets Advantech agency
  • Microsoft technology powers navigation feature in BMW 7 Series
  • Ultra wideband (UWB) community must standardise technology and its message - for it to thrive

6 November 2002: Feature Articles

  • SANAS signs the ILAC Arrangement
  • Contract to develop OLED-based 'Universal Communication Device'
  • Crabtree wins an SABS design award
  • Trolleyponder protocol patents allowed by EU and US authorities
  • Mini-circuits invests $110m to expand Malaysia plant
  • Plastic shows promise for spintronics

23 October 2002: Feature Articles

  • Slow adoption of wireless data services troubles service providers
  • Net-generation youth initiative winners announced
  • Report looks at the prospects for the convergence of mobile and Internet technologies and 3G take-up

9 October 2002: Feature Articles

  • New hi-tech development organisation launched
  • New Blue IQ business event for 2003 to attract investors
  • Programmable device exhibition

25 September 2002: Feature Articles

  • SATNAC 2002 - Solving the 'digital divide'
  • Noninvasive technology can read closed books
  • Instant digital faces set for cellphones too
  • Security scenarios in embedded design
  • Soft multipliers increase DSP performance five-fold

10 September 2002: Feature Articles

  • Improving measurement for the manufacturing industry
  • Tel.Com Africa 2002: Africa's premier international telecommunications event
  • 3D 'chip-sandwich integration technology offers way out of wiring crisis
  • Beamer me up Scotty - well ... not quite
  • Eonic Solutions and Parsec sign mutual VAR agreement

28 August 2002: Feature Articles

  • Benefits of lightning-fast timing analysis
  • Microchip Technology - Summer School 2002
  • Tuks professor elected to the IFAC council
  • Turbine optimises wind energy capture

14 August 2002: Feature Articles

  • 3M announces telecommunications deal with Malesela
  • Telecom applications tested from 20 km high stratospheric platform
  • Webb supplies communications system to hospital in Gambia
  • AAD appointed as distributor for Sony Ericsson GSM modules
  • Data I/O celebrates 30 years in device programming

31 July 2002: Feature Articles

  • Fighting the brain drain
  • Innovative SA company invents tunnel/mine antenna range
  • Parsec - your electronic engineering solutions provider
  • Defence industry seminar showed ground-breaking work
  • World's first 100 million voxel volumetric 3D display

17 July 2002: Feature Articles

  • Altera and EBV celebrate expanded distribution agreement
  • GSM system supplied to Tanzanian mine
  • Parsec sells Altera agency to EBV-Electrolink
  • High-temperature electronics heats up
  • Residential Telkom subscribers 'trigger-happy'
  • University team reaches quarter-finals of the 2002 Robot Soccer World Cup

3 July 2002: Feature Articles

  • Technology in emerging markets
  • Dartcom upgrades existing fibre assembly lab with the latest high-tech equipment
  • EBV-Elektronik named European Distributor of the Year 2001
  • Grintek Telecom wins top award from Telkom
  • Dynamic Cables shows its mettle with unique new fibre-optic laboratory
  • Name change for test and measurement giant
  • Poynting develops antennas for transponder landing systems
  • The future for data communication is wireless

19 June 2002: Feature Articles

  • Future engineers see IST Group in action
  • Gauteng set to become world-class IT destination
  • Current setbacks aside, RFID will revolutionise verticals, says ABI
  • Testerion installs R3m Fuji SMD placement line

5 June 2002: Feature Articles

  • ICT for all: Attainable aspiration or pipe dream?
  • THRIP boosts SA industry and economy
  • DSPs/MPUs for base stations to be the 'Paul Revere' of wireless revolution
  • HIV/AIDS educational tool developed at university
  • Specialist world can expect an upturn after November’s electronica
  • Ultra-capacitors help solve power problems in professional cameras
  • Current Automation - power solution providers
  • Long-lasting lithiums

22 May 2002: Feature Articles

  • EBV-Electrolink adds Altera Corporation to its semiconductor portfolio
  • Chinese delegation visits South Africa
  • Company formed to open up communication links in Africa
  • Microsoft appoints Arrow Altech as embedded distributor
  • ADEC hosts breakfast at the Hilton
  • Bluetooth for the new user
  • Shaking up the world of virus detection
  • Tablet PC design
  • The 'robot journalist'
  • The Acterna range of telecommunication test solutions finds a permanent home with Grintek Telecom
  • The networked home - big consumer numbers, neat wireless technologies; but do we want it?

8 May 2002: Feature Articles

  • Nexgen, Fibreplus merge to address public sector opportunities
  • New research highlights critical factors facing UK design engineers
  • No-coil transformer inventor seeks partners
  • 'Mighty F-350 Tonka' uses Osram's advanced LED illumination
  • ASIC market takes a turn for the better in 2002
  • Telecommunications boom said to await Africa

24 April 2002: Feature Articles

  • Inflatable speaker company set for expansion
  • Motorola Support Centre opens doors to Middle East, Africa
  • PC users will want greater value for money - not faster PCs
  • Piezo stack technology helps lower fuel consumption
  • Why not all transient voltage surge suppressors are the same

10 April 2002: Feature Articles

  • Sapphire chip linked by light
  • Spescom MeasureGraph welcomes Inet Technologies partnership
  • Through-glass touch technology allows design freedom

27 March 2002: Feature Articles

  • Erlang gets exclusive Africa-wide distribution rights from Bird Technologies Group
  • Savvy designers must know whether to choose optical, capacitive, or transformer-based interfacing to the telephone network
  • World's first biochip with integrated evaluation electronics
  • Global standards for automatically switched optical networks enable new market services
  • Increasing demand for round-the-clock Internet connectivity
  • PC-based control and analysis courses very successful

13 March 2002: Feature Articles

  • Ball boys meet their match
  • Constantia breathes new life into local telephone manufacturing and repair
  • Craig Barrett - Technology innovation leads to economic growth

27 February 2002: Feature Articles

  • ASIC Design Services joins VariCore Design Alliance along with five other international companies
  • Central Circuits for fast turnaround on high-tech PCBs
  • Elprom receives award
  • Ethernet over copper for broadband - new standard
  • Innovative personal display system
  • Leading lingerie e-tailer uses RFID technology in efficient e-fulfilment solution
  • Prism to deliver cashless fuel purchasing system to Saudi Arabia
  • Speedy 'flies' in South Africa
  • FireWire storage device packs 1 Gig in a keychain
  • Lenslet Labs announces new optics-based DSP technology
  • Natcom Electronics sees continued growth
  • New wideband speech coding standard - wireless and wireline speech quality set to improve

13 February 2002: Feature Articles

  • Harriet Green promoted to Vice President of Global Strategy and Business Development of Arrow Electronics
  • Electronics industry prospects - an industry insight
  • New measurement and automation company formed
  • 2002: A viewpoint from Memec SA
  • Future communications will require ever smaller components
  • Personal, pocket-size storage device simplifies data transport
  • Prospects for 2002 - thoughts from EBV Electrolink
  • Through the looking glass
  • World handset radio frequency semiconductor markets poised for robust growth

30 January 2002: Feature Articles

  • Parsec wins Export and Technology Excellence Awards
  • Executive promotions at Avnet Electronics Marketing, Avnet Computer Marketing
  • Fastest CMOS transistors
  • RF Design's GPS seminar a great success
  • Macroprocessing: the computing design principle for the times
  • The wireless Internet - different perceptions, different needs, different devices
  • Wearable computer at Consumer Electronics Show