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25 November 2015: Feature Articles

  • Extending real-time scope bandwidth with asynchronous time interleaving
  • ICASA admits to failings, promises better
  • Products of the Year
  • New UJ institute to harness big data
  • B-BBEE excellence benefits GTM’s clients and community
  • Multi-mode energy harvesting is coming of age

4 November 2015: Feature Articles

  • CSIR celebrates 70th anniversary
  • Why are PCBs green?
  • Bold inventions win at science fair
  • Report details 2014 global PCB production
  • From the editor's desk: Varsity blues

14 October 2015: Feature Articles

  • ICASA working on more spectrum policy updates
  • CSIR’s electronics test pod earns its wings
  • New distance record for quantum teleportation
  • School pupils challenged to build affordable robots

23 September 2015: Feature Articles

  • STB manufacturing allocation still as clear as mud
  • Ghana’s STB policy may create opening for SA manufacturers
  • EU falls short of e-waste targets
  • CSIR algorithms simplify omplex production scheduling
  • New colour metrics proposed for characterising lighting
  • EBV launches microsite for TI reference designs

2 September 2015: Feature Articles

  • Arrow Altech Distribution unmasks new MD
  • Renewables slash SA’s energy costs
  • Semiconductor sales outpacing record 2014
  • Silicon’s successor could be black phosphorus
  • From the editor's desk: Couldn’t put it together again

12 August 2015: Feature Articles

  • Set-top boxes see light of day after a year of gestation
  • IoT’s biggest obstacle is security
  • Tellumat’s contract manufacturing unit forges ahead under new guise
  • SA universities rank as best in Africa

22 July 2015: Feature Articles

  • From the editor’s desk: Future uncertain, but certainly slight
  • Thousand-fold accuracy boost coming to SA time reference
  • Design-to-cost benefits from supply chain visibility
  • Engineering students win limited edition Raspberry Pis

1 July 2015: Feature Articles

  • DTI minister attends official ZYTEQ factory launch
  • Altech Node drags Altron into quarterly loss
  • Acquisition boosts Actum’s industrial credentials
  • Three new SA inventions ready for takeoff

10 June 2015: Feature Articles

  • From the editor’s desk: Space - not the final frontier after all
  • Q&A with the MD of Arrow Altech Distribution
  • Update to ISO 9001 standard looms
  • TI grows its lion’s share of the analog IC market

20 May 2015: Feature Articles

  • DTI minister to address Manufacturing Indaba
  • Local invention contesting top African award
  • ICASA publishes RF spectrum assignment plan
  • Actum installs anti-static flooring at Microtronix

29 April 2015: Feature Articles

  • DOC announces 18-month plan for digital migration
  • Q&A with Yusuf Timol: electrotechnical director at the DTI
  • National Electronics Week is coming to Durban
  • A new Thread in the wireless home networking tapestry
  • Global design contest now open for entries
  • PIC32 Bluetooth starter kit up for grabs

8 April 2015: Feature Articles

  • DTI invites SA companies to showcase themselves internationally
  • Modern teaching tools are learning new tricks
  • Constructing a new wireless networking standard for building automation
  • First ever all-digital radio transmitter invented

18 March 2015: Feature Articles

  • In-fighting plagues digital TV migration
  • Chemists discover a way to solder semiconductors
  • Local PCB suppliers join forces
  • Altech UEC backs Namec call for DTT spend
  • Avnet Kopp’s technology seminars a success

25 February 2015: Feature Articles

  • DTI backs AREI at official launch
  • Comtest celebrates 10th anniversary
  • ARM launches gambit for 2016’s premium mobile devices
  • Win a Microchip 3DTouchPad

4 February 2015: Feature Articles

  • Broadband access roadmap published by ICASA
  • Cwele upbeat on digital migration, post office
  • “There’s an app for that” – how your product can leverage the cloud
  • Google suffers SA Internet crash, literally

EMP Handbook 2015: Feature Articles

  • New Year’s resolution: make ALL the things!
  • IPC standards: which ones you need to know
  • Reducing the huge volumes of e-waste is everybody’s responsibility
  • Think a PCB is a PCB is a PCB? Think again
  • Applications engineering for military and aerospace
  • Consumables, tools & accessories selection guide
  • EMP 2015 Handbook Directory
  • Equipment selection guide