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25 November 2019: Feature Articles

  • Boom, doom and gloom, or something completely different?
  • Design considerations for powering remote Bluetooth beacons
  • Battery Technologies Conference 2019
  • Products of the Year 2019

23 October 2019: Feature Articles

  • Things are tough for electronics contract manufacturers in SA
  • Quality management based on quality assurance
  • 3D printing and electronics manufacturing
  • Battery design trends for IoT
  • Points to consider when running power supplies from portable generators
  • Developing opportunities around ‘hybrid’ renewable energy power plants

25 September 2019: Feature Articles

  • Hensoldt merges its SA subsidiaries
  • Q&A with iPulse Systems
  • The wireless technologies that will define the IoT era
  • Balancing performance, speed and cost for rugged interconnects

28 August 2019: Feature Articles

  • AREI hosts industry for business breakfast
  • Managing the IoT on an energy budget
  • What can sport teach us about MRO procurement?
  • Li-Fi illuminates the way to higher data rates
  • Big is beautiful: The benefits of large capacitors

31 July 2019: Feature Articles

  • The only constant is change
  • SA security manufacturers going strong
  • Cost-effective tools for makers and small businesses to innovate
  • All in space is not rocket science
  • Rugged Interconnect and Pentek further cement partnership

26 June 2019: Feature Articles

  • AI on a chip
  • Solar-powered bakery developed at UJ
  • Better thermal management enabled by advances in semiconductor packaging

29 May 2019: Feature Articles

  • To ICASA or not to ICASA wireless modules?
  • The ultimate wireless mesh for Industrial IoT in SA?
  • Passive RFID using UHF delivers long-range benefits in the IoT
  • Using a COTS-based SDR platform for streamlined 5G development

30 April 2019: Feature Articles

  • From the editor’s desk: The unseen role of component distributors
  • Is the supply chain broken?
  • Choosing the right connector for harsh environments
  • Connectors 101 for lighting designers

27 March 2019: Feature Articles

  • Load shedding’s toll on electronics manufacturing
  • How to analyse blind via hole failures
  • Avnet hosts another successful technical seminar

27 February 2019: Feature Articles

  • Sharing the power of digital twinning
  • Harvesting kinetic energy to power smart objects
  • Pros and cons of popular battery cell formats
  • Identifying and remedying lead-acid battery failures

30 January 2019: Feature Articles

  • Overcoming the challenges of implementing IIoT technology
  • Wireless charging set to pull the plug on wired technology
  • How a global parcel tracker was brought to life in just three years
  • SA edition of global EMC conference a success

EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook: Feature Articles

  • Eight things to consider when planning a flex or rigid-flex board
  • What you need to know about the Hermes standard
  • Contract electronics manufacturing in SA
  • BGA optical joint inspection criteria and test methods
  • Consumables, tools & accessories selection guide
  • Directory of Suppliers 2019
  • Equipment selection guide