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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

16 July 2003

  Bureaucracy could take the sizzle off 'hotspots'

ICASA has approved and released a discussion paper that seeks to acquire input from the industry in order to make informed decisions as to whether hotspots require licences and if a special licence category should also be created

  A fresh look at design re-use
ASIC Design Services, Design Automation

Physical design re-use enables users to take advantage of the benefits of design re-use independent of the schematic capture tool

  Profile on Telbit - a designer, developer and manufacturer of electronic equipment
Telbit, News

Telbit attributes its success to the ability to design and develop products to customer specification, including analog, digital, microprocessor-based, and software (embedded- and system-based) products

  University buys LabVIEW-based design and prototyping suites

NI ELVIS consists of LabVIEW-based virtual instruments, a multifunction data acquisition device and a custom-designed benchtop workstation with a prototyping board

  London's BT Tower an architectural landmark

The tower is the nerve centre of a vast communications network that carries RV programmes, live outside broadcasts, phone conversations and computer data via microwave radio

  Quality Technologies - reliable local source for transformers and coils for all applications

“The major focus of Quality Technologies is delivery on time of a quality product that is guaranteed to meet all its specified parameters in operation”, Johann Steyn, managing director, Quality Technologies

  The smart way forward for microchips
Design Automation

The SPA chip dispenses with the global clock normally used in synchronous digital systems and instead relies on local interactions between circuit modules

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Switches, Relays & Keypads
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