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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

7 April 2004

  An update on the state of the electronics industry in South Africa - Part V

Besides its electronics manufacturing capability this company, Irenco, has a large plastic injection moulding facility that produces such components as CD disk holders, HTH containers, and parts for pool cleaning equipment

  Beware counterfeit electronic components

DCA offers a few pointers to help companies avoid, or at least minimise, their exposure to the dangers of counterfeit electronic (and other) components

  It is no longer sufficient to have the leading manufacturers on the line card
EBV Electrolink, News

"Development in the demand for 16-bit microcontrollers is extremely dynamic - as are unit sales for analog products"

  The case for distributors

Distributors are optimistic that a recovery and healthy growth will return in 2004 and the long-term outlook for the industry is bright

  Three European distribution awards for EBV Elektronik
EBV Electrolink, News

To receive all three European Distribution Awards from Altera is a great honour for EBV

  'Short' autonomous drive in Grand Challenge likened to Wright brothers' first flight

This race - the first of its kind - is a benchmark test for navigation and obstacle-avoidance capabilities in autonomous robotic technology, where 15 robotic ground vehicles attempted to navigate a rugged desert course

  Grintek Ewation receives international quality award

Senior marketing executive of Grintek Ewation, Tinus van Wyk, received the International Arch of Europe award

  Silicon chips with ultra-cold atoms could be the future of computing

Professor Jakob Reichel from the University of Munich described a revolutionary new type of microchip in which entire atoms, rather than just electrons, move around circuits

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