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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

30 June 2004

  South Africans pay the price for Telkom profits

We can only assume that strong revenue growth from the monopoly means that there is profound failure on behalf of the regulator and government to curb over-pricing and what can only be described as rampant profiteering

  An update on the state of the electronics industry in South Africa - Part IX

Nortech sells through distributors based locally in the countries involved and is now represented in more than 22 countries directly, although product is sold in many more

  Instead of the walls having ears, they can talk now too

The heart of the 'pursonic' sound technology is a thin soundboard composed of a special polyurethane made from the Bayer raw materials Desmophen and Desmodur

  It is no longer about equipment, it is all about service

The cellular industry in Africa is the dominant form of telecommunication

  ASIC market alive and well

Structured ASIC and user-programmable logic (UPL) design starts will continue their upward trend, without slowdown in the future

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